Dean’s Professional Development Opportunity Program

Faculty and professional staff in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences may apply to the Dean’s Professional Development Opportunity Program for funding to attend a professional development seminar, course or program.  Professional development involves the acquisition of knowledge or the development of skills related to programs that enhance teaching and education, research and scholarly activity, academic leadership and management, and professional staff leadership and management. The intent of the funds is to provide support so that a faculty or staff members can acquire important skills and strategies that allow them to increase their productivity in their roles as teachers, educators, leaders, researchers, and administrators and managers. These funds (maximum of $3000) can be used for tuition or program registration, and associated travel.  Funds will not be provided to faculty to attend a scientific meeting or to present results of research.

The applicant must provide an itemized budget and all funds must be expended within 12-months of the award notification, or will be forfeited.  Funds will be made available on a cost-reimbursable basis, and awardees will be required to provide receipts to the SPHHS Business Manager.  Within two months following the end of the professional development program, the recipient must prepare and email to Carey Simos at a 1-page final report detailing how the funds were used, what was accomplished in the professional development program, and the most beneficial aspects to the individual awardee of the professional development program attended.

To apply for funds a faculty or staff member must submit the following:

  1. A copy of the details of the specific professional development opportunity, the location and dates of the program, and any other relevant dates or information. 
  2. A narrative of less than one page which includes the reason for wanting to attend the specific professional development program, and a brief description of anticipated benefits to the individual.
  3. A current CV.
  4. An itemized budget.  Budgets will be reviewed for appropriateness.
  5. A concurrence of support from the Department Chair or supervisor. A letter of support from a mentor, supervisor, or the Department Chair is encouraged but not mandatory.
  6. Verification of the source of support if $3000 is insufficient for the development program requested, such as a commitment from the Department Chair or allocation of individual RTF.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and accepted until all funds are allocated. All application materials and the final report should be submitted to the Dean’s office in hard copy and electronically to Carey Simos at  All award decisions will be made by the Dean or a Dean’s committee.  Funds will be available once the award is made. Faculty and Staff members are eligible to receive only one professional development opportunity award.