Human Subjects Submissions

In accordance with the Federal Policy on the Protection of Human subjects (DHHS Policy 45 CFR 46), the University of Massachusetts Amherst is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects of research conducted by, or under the supervision of, its faculty, staff and students. The Institution maintains an Institutional Review Board (IRB), a federally mandated committee, which reviews all sponsored research involving human subjects.

The IRB's charge is to ensure that the risks accompanying the research never outweigh the value of human life. In its review of projects involving human subjects the IRB seeks to balance the risks to the subjects against the scientific knowledge to be gained and the potential benefits to the subjects and/or society, as well as ensure that all projects conform to the regulations and policies set forth by the DHHS and FDA as well as state regulations.

All human subject research studies conducted within the School of Public Health and Health Sciences must submit an eProtocol (electronic protocol submission for human subjects research) through the University's Office of Research & Engagement. All requests for approval of human subject research must be submitted through the e-Protocol system.