Purchasing Forms

For specific rules and regulations concerning expenditures or university policies, please visit the Controller’s Office website. For all forms, please make sure to allow adequate processing time when submitting documents to BCTR.

Purchase Order (see Downloads): Used to organize information and initiate the request for a Purchase Order.

Invoice: Used to create an invoice for services/goods for non-employees. If this is for a first-time vendor, the appropriate vendor-add form must be completed.

Sole Source: Required for professional services when cost is $10,000 and greater and when not on University contract.

Contract for Services (Short Form): Optional for services when cost is up to $10,000.

Contract for Services (Long Form and Instructions): Required for services when cost is $10,000 or more.

Vendor (new): Used when paying companies or individuals for the first time. Use UMW-9 for U.S.-based companies/individuals or W-8 BEN for foreign vendors/individuals.

Business Expense Approval Form: Required form ONLY when the expense is related to business meetings, meals, and/or entertainment. For detailed information, be sure to read the Business Expense Policy.

Signature Delegation Form: Used to temporarily grant signature authority to a substitute individual when the person with customary signature authority is unavailable (e.g. out of town, on vacation, etc.).