Computing Facilities

University computing services:

Computing facilities for the entire UMass Amherst Campus are available through the Office of Information Technologies (OIT). OIT provides telecommunications and general computing and networking for the university. The OIT username (Net ID) provides access to e-mail, Internet, personal and course website hosting, the Udrive, and to OIT's PC classrooms. Click here for a list of OIT services

OIT computer classrooms can be reserved for faculty using computer technology in their coursework. For information about computer classroom locations, hours and software, visit the OIT website.

School of Public Health and Health Sciences computing services:

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences at UMass maintains a server, which provides secure hard disk space for research projects, accessible from faculty offices.  The server is protected by IBM Proventia Server  Intrusion Protection System software firewall, centrally managed and  monitored 24 hours by the University’s Office of Information Technologies.   Data stored on the server can be shared with research collaborators, and is backed up daily, with tapes stored off-site.

Two classrooms in SPHHS have a computer and AV equipment with overhead projectors.  The department has additional equipment available for shared use, including Windows laptops and portable digital projectors.  A computer lab with fifteen Windows 7 computers, is available for faculty, staff and student use.   For a list of software in the computer lab and the two classrooms, view the Lab Hardware and Software Secifications in the downloads section of this page.

Telephone interviewing is available within the Biostatistical Consulting Center (BCC) Telephone Survey Center at UMASS. The center consists of 4 interviewing stations and one supervisor station, each equipped with a computer, internet and LAN server access, telephone with headset, and accompanying computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) software.  CATI software allows interviewers to conduct computer-administered interviews, controlling for skip patterns, in-range responses, and missing data.  Answers are entered into the computer at the time of the interview such that data entry is eliminated. In addition to assisting with the interviewing, this software also handles the administrative and telephone-tracking functions associated with interviewing, such as sample management, quota control, call disposition monitoring, and productivity reporting. The telephones in the Telephone Survey Center are part of an ACD group which allows for unobtrusive monitoring of phone calls for quality control purposes only.

Computer and IT Support Fee Policy

The Revenue-Based Budget for FY2013 and FY2014 approved for the DPH Computer and IT Support FUND (Dept ID: A122704000) allow for a $5/hour use fee.  In order to determine the fee for a particular grant/contract in a year, the fee is calculated in the following manner:

  1. Determine the level of effort of all students, faculty, and staff funded by the grant/contract who are budgeted on the project for a year as the number of full time equivalents.  For example, one person working 100% time for 1 year is 1 FTE.
    1. Do not include field workers who will not physically be at UMASS.
    2. Do not include other faculty/students who will be working off site (at another university, etc).
  2. Multiply the number of FTEs, X, by 2000 hrs/year and by $5.00 per hour.  This is the DPH FUND Charge to include in the grant.  For example, 1 FTE for 1 year will incur a FUND fee of $10,000.

Operation of the Computer and IT Support Fund

All grants and contracts must be signed by the DPH chair prior to submission.  The chair will examine the budget for inclusion of the DPH Computer and IT Support Fee, and not approve the grant/contract if it is not present and appropriate.

The FUND manager will be notified of all new funded research grants/contracts.  The PI on the grant will be contacted by the FUND manager, and the budget for the FUND will be recorded for each year of the project.  The FUND manager will invoice the grant on a regular basis as agreed upon in the grant/contract.

A Computer Use and Planning Committee (with 1 member per Division plus the Fund Manager) will oversee operation, and report the DPH Chair and Division Directors in June of each year.

Statement for Grant: The DPH Computer and IT Support Fee covers the costs associated with Computer and IT Support, including providing and maintaining computer resources for research and teaching, maintenance of workstations, the server, server backup service, computer lab hardware and software, and the cost of providing computer technical support for the Department of Public Health faculty and research staff.  The funds serve as a repository for income generated via provision of computer services and in turn supporting the incremental costs of providing them.