Faculty Research Awards

A listing of current faculty research awards can be found below.


PI NamePrime NameTitle
Aelion, C MNational Institutes of Health (NIH)Methods to Detect Maternal Exposures and Child Outcomes
Calabrese, EdwardExxonMobil FoundationResearch and Education work on the topic area of hormesis
Kostecki, PaulEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)Development and Implementation of Four Technical Conferences at UMass Amherst
Muilenberg, MichaelNational Institutes of Health (NIH)Allergens in Inner-City Schools and Childhood Asthma
Peltier, RichardUS Dept of Health and Human ServicesInvestigating Health Effects from Exposure to Organic Carbon and Nickel Aerosol
Peltier, RichardSonoma Technology IncInvestigating Aerosol Chemical Elements at Baldwin Hills
Peltier, RichardUS Dept of Transportation (DOT)Chemical Analysis and Interpretation of Aerosol Data from Fairbanks, Alaska
Peltier, RichardEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)Development of a new method for measurements of reactive oxygen species associate
Rogers, ChristineEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)Predicting Regional Allergy Hotspots in Future Climate Scenarios - Putting the Where and When…
Rogers, ChristineUS Dept of Health and Human ServicesChitin assay

* Faculty research awards as of January 16, 2013.