A limited number of fellowships are available to nationally-competitive new doctoral students through the Dean’s Ph.D. Fellowship Program.

Dean’s Ph.D. Fellowship Program


The SPHHS and the Graduate School will offer non-working fellowships to new doctoral student applicants. The intent of this program is to recruit top-quality doctoral students, and not to support students currently in the SPHHS. A total of $50,000 will be allocated to this program.

Each fellow (student) may receive up to $28,709 for the fall and spring academic semesters, but preference will be given to applications for which additional sources of funding are provided, such as a 10-hour Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship. This will allow fellowships to be provided to more applicants because of the university’s policy on curriculum fee waivers.

Applications are due in Dean’s office no later than February 15, 2014. Applications should be emailed to Carey Simos at csimos@schoolph.umass.edu with a cc to Associate Dean for Research Joseph Hamill at jhamill@kin.umass.edu and Dean Marjorie Aelion at maelion@schoolph.umass.edu.

Once notified of an award, applicants are required to accept or decline the award no later than April 15, 2014, although earlier notification is encouraged.

Application and Evaluation Process:

  1. Full applications should include the following:
  • The complete Graduate School application packet
  • A statement from the nominating faculty member signed by the faculty member and the Graduate Program Director
  • The amount of financial support requested
  • The amount and type of other financial support provided to the applicant
  1. A review panel will consider all applications, recommend a funding amount which may differ from that requested on the application, and provide those recommendations to the Dean.
  2. The Dean or the Dean’s committee will make a final decision in time to offer the potential student funding at the time of his or her acceptance into the specific department’s Ph.D. program.

Some additional fellowship opportunities:

The Fogarty Institute has many potential sources for pre-doctoral funding on their website.

The NIH has funding for diversity in Health-related research:

The National Science Foundation offers a Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

For information on additional opportunities and guidance, graduate students may contact the university's Graduate Student Grant Services Office and Linda Sopp in the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, or the School's Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Joseph Hamill at jhamill@kin.umass.edu.