Academic Dean’s Office

The Academic Dean’s Office is both a direct resource to undergraduate students majoring in Communication Disorders, Kinesiology, Nutrition, or Public Health Sciences and an essential support for the undergraduate Program Directors and advisors of each of these four disciplines.  The office encourages consistency and efficient sharing of resources among the four programs and acts as the primary liaison with other offices on campus.

Students visit the Academic Dean’s Office with questions regarding the following issues:

  • Adding or dropping courses
  • Credit overload requests
  • Pass/fail regulations
  • Implications of requesting an “incomplete”
  • Academic standing concerns
  • Appeals of academic suspensions or dismissals
  • Releasing semester and credit holds
  • Verification of satisfactory academic progress for Financial Aid
  • Requests to withdraw from the University. 

The Academic Dean’s Office works with undergraduate Program Directors and academic advisors with some of the more complex questions that come up for students during their career at UMass Amherst.  This occurs most commonly in situations that require a thorough understanding of university undergraduate regulations and available services for a student, or simply in times when there may not be a school precedent.  Additionally, the Academic Dean’s Office provides specific support to the four undergraduate programs during New Students Orientation and the Fall and Spring Open Houses. 

The Academic Dean’s Office is the main SPHHS point of contact for the Undergraduate Registrar’s Office, the Dean of Students Office, the Medical Director, the Ombuds Office, Undergraduate Advising, and all other schools and colleges within the university.  This office also works closely with Disability Services, University Health Services, the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, Financial Aid Services, and often refers students to these offices for additional services. 

The office can be contacted by calling (413)545-6883 or emailing

The four majors in the SPHHS are each unique in terms of their history here at UMass, the character and structure of their requirements, and the most common academic needs of their students.  In providing support to the four majors, the Academic Dean’s Office strives to allow the four majors the flexibility they need in order to best serve their students, while strengthening and standardizing systems and procedures within the school in order to improve clarity and consistency for students and program directors alike.