2011 Journal Articles

Buchanan, David

Mai Le, T.P., L.P. Dung, N.T. Tho, N.T. Quyet, P.D. Than, N.D. Mai, N.T. Thuy, N.T. Lien, N.A. Dung, A. Dean, D. Buchanan and P.C. Nasca. 2011. Community knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward rabies prevention in North Vietnam.  International Quarterly of Community Health Education 31:21-31.

DiFulvio, Gloria

DiFulvio, G.T. 2011. Sexual minority youth, social connection and resilience: From personal struggle to collective identity. Social Science and Medicine 72:1611-1617.

Gubrium, A.C. and G.T. DiFulvio. 2011. Girls in the world: Digital Storytelling as a Feminist Health Approach. Girlhood Studies 4:28-46.

Gubrium, Aline

Gubrium, A. 2011. ‘I’ve lost my mojo, baby’: A narrative perspective on the effect of Depo-Provera on libido. Sexuality Research and Social Policy 8:321-334.

Gubrium, A. and G. DiFulvio. 2011. Girls in the world: Digital storytelling as a feminist public health approach. Girlhood Studies 4:28-46. 

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Wexler, Lisa

Wexler, L. and T. Burke. 2011. Cultural Identity, Bicultural Competence and Resilience: A Pilot Study of Alaska Native Students’ Experience at University. Journal of American Indian Education 50:44-64.

Wexler, L. 2011. Behavioral Health Services “Don’t Work for Us”: Ethnographic Examples of Cultural Incongruities in Human Service Systems for Inupiat Communities. American Journal of Community Psychology 47:157-169.

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