2010 Journal Articles

Buchanan, David

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Buchanan, David. Should People with unhealthy lifestyles pay more for health insurance premiums? Journal of Primary Prevention, 32(1): 17-21, 2010.

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Gerber, Dan

Stevens, K, Gerber, D., & Hendea, R. Transformational Learning Through Prior Learning Assessment. Adult Education Quarterly Vol 60 No 4, August 2010, pp. 377-404.

Gubrium, Aline

Gubrium, A. and T. Scott. 2010. Speaking to Social Change: Digital Storytelling as an Organizing Strategy for Increasing Access to Public Higher Education. Societies Without Borders 5(2): 126-151.

Wexler, Lisa

Wexler, Lisa. Behavioral Health Services “Don’t Work for Us”: Cultural Incongruities in Human Service Systems for Alaska Native Communities. Am J Community Psychol, 2010, 47: pp. 157-169.