Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree program offers experienced health workers an opportunity to complete a course of study leading to a professional degree. Health professionals expand their knowledge base in public health, extend and sharpen their professional skills, broaden their perspective on public health problems, and prepare to assume a greater professional responsibility.

M.P.H. degree candidates must complete a minimum of 42 credits of academic work, including an M.P.H. Practicum and an M.P.H. Culminating Experience. Candidates may enroll either full-time, in which case they should be able to complete degree requirements in three semesters and an intervening summer, or part-time, in which case they are expected to complete degree requirements within three years of matriculation. Some courses are offered online as well as on campus.

Information for students on the MPH Practicum Experience :

NOTE: If you perform your practicum in the summer, you are required to register through Continuing Education.

All M.P.H. students are required to complete a practicum as part of their degree requirement, and will receive three credits for the practicum. The minimum time for a practicum experience is 200 hours. Many agencies and organizations require a longer commitment of 400 hours.

Practicum experiences may be paid or unpaid. Placements are arranged in consultation with the student's faculty advisor or the SPHHS Practicum Coordinator. The advisor reviews the student's interests, preferences, financial factors, experience and skills, and is usually able to arrange for interviews with a suitable organization directly or through another faculty member.

Click on the documents in the "Downloads" area at the side of this webpage to download the MPH Practicum Student Handbook or individual forms.

  • MPH Practicum Student Handbook (Campus-based students only)
  • Form I- Practicum Planning Form  
  • Form II - Practicum Scope of Work Form
  • Form III - Practicum Contact Hour Log
  • Form IV- Student One Month Evaluation of the Practicum Form
  • Form V - Site Supervisor Evaluation of the Student’s Practicum Performance Form
  • Form VI - Student Evaluation of the Practicum Form
  • APPENDIX: Concentration Specific Competencies
  • Student Travel Form
  • Gift Policy