The field of Communication Disorders engages in research designed to improve understanding of communicative disorders and the efficacy of treatments. Research is conducted in clinics, universities, and other settings. Preparation at UMass Amherst consists of education in the normal processes of communication, the nature of communicative disorders, and the clinical processes of evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling. Clinical skills are developed mainly in graduate school through coursework and practicum experiences. Students may also pursue a research component in a career that includes supervision and teaching at a university.

Our award-winning faculty has decades’ worth of experience educating students in the classroom and in clinical settings, preparing the next generation of clinicians and researchers in the field. Our faculty expertise extends to many pressing communication disorders problems including neurological disorders, including aphasia and apraxia of speech; speech perception and comprehension; autism spectrum disorders; multicultural voice differences and language development in children; aging and hearing loss; auditory processing, binaural and spatial hearing; and cochlear implants and hearing aids. The Department provides numerous opportunities for students to develop clinical experience through coursework and practicum experiences that promote quality of life in diverse populations.

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