Center for Language, Speech, and Hearing Services

SPEECH PATHOLOGY services are available for children, adolescents, and adults with disorders of articulation and stuttering, as well as individuals with communication problems associated with neurological impairment, verbal apraxia/dyspraxia, laryngectomy, or cleft palate.

LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY services are available for children, adolescents, and adults with communication problems associated with strokes, head injuries, cognitive-linguistic impairments, learning disabilities, or developmental delays.

VOICE assessments and rehabilitative services are provided to children, adolescents, and adults with voice problems due to vocal strain, neurologically/medically related problems, and post-surgical vocal dysfunction. Services are also available to professional "voice users" (singers, public speakers, teachers, performers, etc.) to improve vocal performance and vocal health.

ENGLISH COMMUNICATION INSTRUCTION services are available to adults who are non-native speakers of English or non-standard speakers of English to improve skills in speaking and comprehending spoken English.

AUDIOLOGICAL services include hearing evaluations for clients of all ages, industrial hearing conservation programs, musicians’ hearing conservation programs, and specialized diagnostic testing, such as auditory evoked potential testing.

CENTRAL AUDITORY PROCESSING services are available for children (7 years or older) and adults who may have auditory perceptual difficulties. This evaluation assesses both peripheral hearing and auditory processing skills.

AURAL REHABILITATIVE services include a full hearing aid dispensing program and a cochlear implant clinic. Also offered are classes in speech reading and coping strategies. Special group programs are held for adults with hearing impairments. 

Services may be requested directly by the client, parent, guardian, schools, agencies, and/or professionals attempting to meet the needs of the child, adolescent, or adult with a communication impairment.

To request services, contact:

Marcie Whitman, Center Secretary
Telephone: 413-545-2565
FAX: 413-545-0803