Undergraduate Course Requirements

Required Courses within the Department of Communication Disorders (30 credits): 

COMM-DIS 211: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
COMM-DIS 310: Phonetic Processing
COMM-DIS 311: Introduction to Hearing Science
COMM-DIS 312: Introduction to Speech Science
COMM-DIS 313: Introduction to Audiology
COMM-DIS 315: Speech and Language Disorders
COMM-DIS 330: Junior Year Writing
COMM-DIS 401: Language Acquisition
COMM-DIS 416: Clinical Procedures
COMM-DIS 530: Neurological Bases of Speech, Language and Hearing

It is also strongly suggested, but not required, that students take the following:

COMM-DIS 496K: Senior Observation (1 credit)

Other Required Courses (12 credits)*

PHYSICS 114: Theory of Sound - (PS) 
PSYCH 350: Child Behavior and Development - (SB) 
HUMANDEV 270: Child Development - (SB) 
LINGUIST 201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory - (R2) 
XXX XXX: Statistics Course - (R2) 

*Students are required to take either PSYCH 350 or HUMANDEV 270 and a statistics course from among several alternatives.