Required Courses for Speech-Language Pathology Majors

COMM-DIS 520: Counseling in Communication Disorders
COMM-DIS 530: Neurological Bases of Speech, Language and Hearing
COMM-DIS 580: Cognitive Bases of Language
COMM-DIS 610: Phonological Disorders
COMM-DIS 611: Fluency Disorders
COMM-DIS 612: Voice Disorders
COMM-DIS 613: Language Disorders in Adults I
COMM-DIS 614: Language Disorders in Adults II
COMM-DIS 615: Evaluation Processes in Speech-Language Pathology
COMM-DIS 624: Motor Speech Disorders 
COMM-DIS 630: Graduate Research in Communication Disorders 
COMM-DIS 631: Language Disorders in Children I 
COMM-DIS 632: Language Disorders in Children II 
COMM-DIS 641: Advanced Hearing Rehabilitation 
COMM-DIS 691D: Dysphagia

Note: If a student does not have an undergraduate course in Diagnostic Audiology, the student would need to enroll in COMM-DIS 640, Advanced Diagnostic Audiology.