Additional Requirements

Teaching Experience (no credit)

Prior to completion of the dissertation, the student must either 1) teach one undergraduate course in the Department of Communication Disorders, or 2) participate in the team teaching of two courses in the Department of Communication Disorders. In either case, the student will complete the teaching experience requirement under the close supervision and mentorship of a faculty member within the Department of Communication Disorders.

Comprehensive Examination

At the completion of the majority of course work, the Ph.D. candidate will be required to take a comprehensive examination consisting of a written test followed by an oral defense. The dissertation is undertaken following successful completion of the comprehensive examination and the formal appointment of a dissertation committee by the Dean of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the Graduate Program Director.

Doctoral Dissertation

A dissertation prospectus must be accepted by the student's dissertation committee and submitted to the Graduate School prior to the start of the dissertation work, and the completed dissertation must be defended in the form of an oral committee examination conducted by the student's committee prior to the submission of the final copy of the dissertation to the Graduate School.