Financial Aid

Undergraduate Student Aid

The University offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to receive financial aid and scholarships. For further information on financial aid available to undergraduate students, including federal student loans and grant programs, visit the UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services website.

Graduate Student Aid

A number of graduate student teaching, research, and pre-professional training assistantships are available through the department each year on a competitive basis. The number of assistantships and the amount of financial assistance offered each year is dependent on the availability of funds and the specific guidelines of the funding sources. Most assistantships provide a weekly stipend during the academic year and a tuition credit.

In addition to graduate assistantships offered through the department, a limited number of fellowships are available on a competitive basis through the School of Public Health and Health Sciences and through the Graduate School and the Office for Minority Graduate Student Recruitment. Students interested in being considered for an assistantship or fellowship should indicate this interest on the Graduate School application form at the time of application. Individuals interested in obtaining assistantships also should complete a FAFSA form (which can be accessed at

For additional information regarding financial aid or funding opportunities available to graduate students, call 413-577-0555, or visit the UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services website.