PHS Newsletter Issue # 22

Issue Number 22 Date 3/13/13


Attention Scientists:
Have a say in your public health course!

Dr. Pilsner is creating a new lab-based course entitled, “The DNA Experience.” Your feedback is essential in making this class happen. We need to hear from students if this course would be of interest to you. Please go to the Public Health website to review the DNA Experience Syllabus and answer questions related to your interest in the course. Please see the survey under “webforms” on the far right side of the page.  

Hello Student Leaders!  

·         Have you been looking for an opportunity to take the next step in your leadership development?
·         Would you like to connect with students from across campus who are interested in having a positive impact on UMass?
·         Do you want to learn strategies for creating change?

This is your chance!

May 10-12 we will be taking 42 students to the Berkshires for an intensive leadership retreat.  This opportunity is open to ALL UMass students who will be returning to campus in Fall 2013. You will have the opportunity to:

·         Participate in team building activities to form connections with other students from across campus
·         Connect with staff members from across campus who are committed to helping you develop leadership skills
·         Learn how to create meaningful social change
·         Create  and implement a project to enhance the current campus culture.

Residential students will receive permission to check out on Sunday, and there is no cost to attend.
Sound like fun?  You can apply by going to:  Applications are due March 15th at 5:00.

I hope you will consider joining us on the first ever retreat of its kind on our campus!  And feel free to share this with your friends!

Public Health Information Sessions

Wednesday, March 27 7:00 PM-   Hasbrouck 228

Tuesday, March 26 6:30PM-   Hasbrouck 228

Transfer/First Year Enrollment 101:Thursday, March 28 5:15 PM-   DuBois 767
*this session is for students interested in learning more about navigating SPIRE as well as tips and tricks with course selection and scheduling.

First Years: Monday, April 8 6:30 PM-   Hasbrouck 228

*please remember to bring completed tracking sheets, Academic Requirements Report (ARR), and any necessary filled out course exception and/or collateral field proposal forms
-empty shopping cart prior to printing out ARR

Outstanding Teacher Award 2012-2013
The following individuals have been nominated for the Outstanding Teacher Award. If you would like to support one of these candidates, please send a letter of recommendation to Adrian Grace at :
Maria Bulzacchelli
Lorraine Cordeiro
Eliza Frechette
Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio
Jerusha Peterman
Gwyneth Rost
Brian Whitcomb

Volunteers for Senior Recognition Ceremony
The SPHHS is looking for student volunteers to help with the Senior Recognition Ceremony on Saturday May 11th.  The ceremony will be held on at the Fine Arts Center and we would love to have some help from 7:30 am – 11 am.

There will be a 1 hour training session held sometime during the week before the event (details TBD) letting these students know how they can help that day.

Any students living in the dorms can have their housing extended if they are volunteering for this event.  Please contact Adrian Grace ( or 545-6883) or Patrick Freeman ( or 545-4340) prior to April 18th if you are interested.

Academic Opportunities

Fifth Annual Health Disparities Conference
March 15 & 16
Columbia University
Conference Theme:
Culturally Appropriate Research, Practice, and Policy Approaches to Health Disparities within a Stress and Coping Bio-Psycho-Social-Environmental-Cultural Framework
About: The Health Disparities Conference will provide an opportunity for varied professionals to gain exposure to evidence-based and state-of-the-art approaches to reducing/eliminating health disparities and moving society toward equity in health for all.
Register: Completely free! Whether in person or live webcast!

The Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School Summer Session in the Caribbeans and Latin America
Session 1: May 18-June 30
Session 2: July 6-August 18
More information about the schedule: Please visit
Information: Each of the 6 week field school sessions will be structured to maximize the guest student’s training and field experiences, as well as opportunities to enjoy the natural and man-made wonders of Isla Mujeres. Each week students will experience Field Work with their Local Expert Mentors, along with Excursions, such as taking a Lanchero to the Contoy Island Nature Preserve, swimming in the open Caribbean Sea with Whale Sharks, touring the Isla Mujeres Tortugranja Turtle Preserve, diving or snorkeling at the Cancun Museum, or visiting the Mayan ruins on the island and at Chichen Itza. Students will receive a minimum of 40 hours of classroom ethnographic methods instruction and conduct a minimum of 80 hours of directed independent research. Each student will receive a minimum of 8 hours of intense Spanish Language training, accompanied by over 40 hour of conversational practice. Students will also receive about 15 hours of Scuba Dive instruction with an additional 10 hours of practical experience.
More information: Please visit


For tips on how to find and sign up for an  internship or independent study, visit the Undergraduate Public Health FAQ section online.

Public Health Club

Thank you for everyone who attended the first Public Health Professor Panel! It was an exceptional success and we hope it was as fun for the students as it was for the professors!
NEXT CLUB MEETING: March 25th at 6 PM in Campus Center 903 to finalize all the events for Public Health week!

Public Health Club and DKMS Bone Marrow Drive

Public Health Club in conjunction with UMass DKMS  is also hosting a 3-day school-wide bone marrow registration drive on April 18, 19, and 20. We are looking for volunteers to help register students to join the registry to potentially become a match for an individual who needs a transplant. This is a very great cause that we are very passionate about. Please contact us with any questions about the organization/ mission/specific duties.
Click here to sign-up.

Contact with any questions
“Like” us on Facebook

Public Health in the Pioneer Valley

Stay Healthy and Safe on Spring Break

This week’s topic is to help you prepare for a healthy and safe spring break. You’ve worked hard all semester and you finally have a week free from the regular school routine. This is a time to relax and have fun, but it is also important to make healthy decisions. In order to be prepared and informed, here are some tips to help you make healthy choices over break:

  • Wear sun block with an SPF of at least 30.  Not only are sunburns painful and itchy, but they are also bad for your skin and increase your risk for skin cancer and wrinkles.
  • Be mindful of how long you stay in the sun. Take note that the hottest part of the day is from 10am-4pm (CDC). Overexposure to the sun is a health hazard that can lead to many adverse effects in the long run such as skin damage, immune suppression, and skin cancer.
  • Stay on track with your diet. It’s easy to slip away from your normal eating habits while on vacation. Dine out wisely, stick to a regular eating schedule, and indulge in moderation.
  • Don’t disregard your workout routine. Explore what your hotel or vacation spot has to offer such as rock climbing, kayaking, water aerobics, fitness center activities, etc. Going for a walk on the beach is another great option!
  • Stay hydrated. It is imperative to drink water especially when visiting a hot destination. Aim for at least 8 cups daily.

Keep these helpful tips in mind while you’re having fun with friends or family on spring break. Even if you’re not vacationing, be sure to follow your normal eating habits and continue your regular workout routine!

Written by Nicole K.

Edited by Molly F.

From the Public Health Peer Advisors! We are a group of experienced and involved students on campus with a two-fold objective: to support you in your academic needs and promote the understanding of public health. In order to fulfill this mission, we will highlight public health related events in the Pioneer Valley that will help you become better informed about this field and make decisions that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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Stay Healthy and Safe on Spring Break. (2012).

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