Our Values

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences (SPHHS) is firmly committed to public health values, concepts and ethics. Public health is what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions for people to be healthy.1 The following are the explicit values adopted by the faculty that are essential to carrying out the mission of the School. These values, although updated to be relevant to the public health challenges of today, remain the same core values of the faculty since the last full CEPH review in June 2001.

  • Pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is gained through a scientific approach to research in health maintenance, promotion, disease prevention, basic mechanisms of human function, and population studies.
  • Encouraging learning. Life-long learning is fundamental for the optimization of health and prevention of disease.
  • Personal responsibility. Individuals assume responsibility for their own lives. As individuals make choices about the way they live, they should recognize the relationship between their actions and their own health.
  • Ethical practice. This includes dedication to the highest standards of the profession; virtues of collegiality; sustained performance in teaching, scholarship, research, community service, and practice; and the integrity of public health and health sciences' methods and practice.
  • Equality and justice. These values promote health and well-being for all within a diverse society.
  • Ecological perspective. Ecology frames the academic and practical generation of knowledge and service in an effort to protect the health of the public.

1IOM (Institute of Medicine). 1988. The Future of Public Health. Washington, DC: National Academy Press