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Special Education has a long established record of success in the acquisition of state and federal funding for research, teaching, and outreach services, the education of P – 12 special educators and administrators, and the training of doctoral students who go on to become both leaders and researchers.

Other Related Research
Over the past 12 years the special education faculty has acquired nearly $3.6 million in grants and contracts. Special Education in collaboration with Educational Administration has successfully acquired three U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education, Leadership Personnel Preparation (84.325D) grants that cover 4 year periods; Excellence in Collaborative Educational Leadership for School Improvement, Opportunities, and Results for Educating Students with Disabilities from Diverse Backgrounds ($799,860); Special Education Administration at a Crossroads: Training Special and General Education Administrators to Provide Educational Programming for All Students with Disabilities from Diverse Backgrounds ($720,000) and Linkages: Training Special Education Administrators to Meet the Changing Needs of Children & Youth with Disabilities from Diverse Backgrounds ($620,000).

In addition, three other U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education, Personnel Preparation  also covering 4 year periods are the direct result of collaboration between the SOE Special Education faculty and faculty from Communication Disorders in the College of Public Health.  A fifth Leadership Personnel Preparation (84.325D) grant, entitled Training Leaders in Speech and Language Pathology ($799,602), is a joint effort with the Communications Disorders Department in which the role of Principal Investigator is shared and covers 4 year periods.  

Two additional research to practice awards supported by Special Education faculty are master’s level Personnel Preparation Grants (84.325K) that focus on speech and language pathologists specializing in autism with an emphasis on clinical work in the public schools, entitled Training School Speech-Language Pathologists to Maximize Oral Communication in Children with Autism (CFDA 84.325K, $733,433) and Training School Speech Language Pathologists to Assess and Manage Communication Skills in Children with Autism ($796,809).

The Special Education Concentration has worked closely with other Departments across the University on grant funded projects and in two instances has been directly responsible for the acquisition of funds. The latter includes two grants with Communication Disorders totaling $1,529,809 that focus on training masters students in Communication Disorders to provide services in the public schools to students with autism.