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The Department of Student Development administers the graduate programs in Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8; 5-12) and Special Education Administrator.  

The department offers the following programs of study:

Doctoral Programs in Special Education (Ed.D.)
Master's (M.Ed.) Programs in Special Education
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

The Special Education Programs are committed to evidence-based assessment, interventions, and administrative practices that promote the inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education curriculum.   They are based on the belief that students with disabilities should be afforded the same opportunities as all students, regardless of their disability.  On completion of the program educators will have the knowledge and skills they need to develop high quality service delivery systems for educating students with disabilities.  

The programs of study are based on a scope and sequence of instruction that leads to Massachusetts Initial Licensure Certification as a Teacher of Students with moderate disabilities (PreK-8; 5-12) or as a Special Administrator (All levels).  The program meets the standards of and is accredited through the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).  The competencies meeting these licenses are embedded throughout the coursework, pre-practica, and practica experiences.

The Special Education Concentration offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.), a Certificate of Advances Graduate Study (CAGS), and a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) through the School of Education.  An undergraduate degree in Special Education is not offered.  The Special Education Concentration is committed to using proactive methods to increase the number of concentration graduates from underrepresented groups, including members of racial or ethnic groups, women, and persons with disabilities.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in the field of special education.  Many have careers as teachers of special education, department chairs, supervisors, and directors of special education in the public and private schools.   Some are employed by educational consulting firms, by state and federal agencies as project managers and directors and at colleges and universities as faculty and disability services directors. International students return to their own countries to become leaders in state and national departments of education, and teach and conduct research in university positions.

Contact Information:
John C. Carey, Concentration Coordinator
Room , 359 Hills House South; (413) 577-2382

Associated Faculty:
Mary Lynn Boscardin, Chair & Professor, Phone: 413-545-3610
Michael Krezmien, Assistant Professor, Phone: 413-545-1527
Jason Travers, Assistant Professor, Phone: 413 545-0991
Patricia A. Leins, Visiting Assistnat Professor