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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Study Abroad

Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs

Nowadays, when you decide to study abroad, you have many options. Why should you choose one of our programs?

  • The Salamanca Summer Program, the Granada Fall and Spring Semester Program and the Oviedo Spring Semester Program are supervised by UMass Amherst faculty/staff.
  • If you choose one of these programs, you know how the courses you take abroad are going to transfer before you leave: so there are no unpleasant surprises when you return.
  • While there are limits to the number of credits that you can transfer towards your minor and major in Spanish at UMass Amherst (in regards to courses you take through other study abroad programs), there is no such a limit for transferring courses you take abroad through these programs.
  • Your financial aid is available to study abroad.

Integrative Experience
Our Integrative Experience contemplates either study abroad or service learning for all our majors. In addition, students have to take two classes: one before and one after their study abroad or service learning experience.

Granada Program

Undergraduate Semester Program in Granada, Spain
Granada is a mixture of natural beauty and inviting climate, Moorish art and architecture, and cultural flare gleaned from its strong Gypsy heritage. Granada hosts the Albaicín, one of Spain's best preserved Arab settlements, the last Moorish neighborhood, and an area UNESCO declared a monument to humanity. Across from the Albaicín is the mesmerizing red-clay Alhambra palace, the greatest Moorish monument in Spain. Within the Alhambra are several palaces, parks, fountains, towers and gardens. Come explore Granada with the University of Massachusetts and API!!!

Oviedo Program

Undergraduate Program in Oviedo, Spain
Oviedo is the majestic capital of Asturias and a province often called "España Verde". Whether it's surfing, hiking, going to the beach, dining or music, Asturias truly has something for everyone. For over 30 years, Five College students have benefited from our partnership with the prestigious Universidad de Oviedo and we invite you to benefit too!!!

Buenos Aires Program

Undergraduate Semester Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with more than 6 million inhabitants. Known for its vibrant nightlife, where tango thrives in tangueras, milongas and cultural centers, Buenos Aires offers a dazzling array of learning opportunities, cultural events and social attractions. The seat of the national government, Buenos Aires presents a unique opportunity to analyze the politics and history of this complex and fascinating country. Universities, museums, theatres, shopping districts and restaurants abound in this metropolis, described as the Paris of Latin America.

Summer Program in Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
Spend part of your summer in the beautiful and historic city of Salamanca, Spain. Founded in 1218, the Universidad de Salamanca is still one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, with approximately 36,000 students from Spain and Europe. The student population is one of the most important economic activities in the city and lends itself to a highly active night life. Apart from Salamanca, you will also have the opportunity to travel through Spain and Portugal and experience the culture of the Iberian Peninsula.