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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Hispanic Literatures & Cultures


People: Hispanic Literatures & Cultures


Alberto Ameal-Perez, PhD U.S. Latino/a, Latin American Literature
Marta del Pozo, PhD Modern Spanish Literature; Historical memory: Poetry and Science; Cinema and Digital Artifacts
Albert Lloret, PhD Early Modern Hispanic Studies, Catalan Studies, Medieval Studies, Textual Studies, History of the Book.
Luis A. Marentes, PhD Early 20th c. Mexico, Lit. and Revolution, Chicana/o studies, Border, Diaspora, Migration
Guillem Molla, PhD Catalan Studies
Emma Rivera-Rbago, PhD Generalist in Spanish-American Literature
Margara Russotto, PhD Latin American Studies, Poetry, Comparative Lit. (Brasil/Hispanoaémrica/Caribe), Women's Studies
Barbara Zecchi, PhD Modern Spanish Literature, Gender Studies, Film

Graduate Students

Albert Asunción Peninsular Film Studies
Sonia Batlle Modern Latin American Lit.,Women's Studies
Christina M. Beaubien Contemporary Spanish Literature, Culture & Film; Women's Studies; Historical Memory
Danielle Bovee Golden Age Peninsular Literature
Pau Canigueral Medieval & Pre-Modern Iberian Literature
Carmen Cosme Modern Afro-Spanish American Lit. and Culture
Gloria Cuesta Latin American Literature
Rossano Dalla Valle Medieval and Early Modern Spanish and Italian Literatures and Cultures
Ramiro Garcia-Olano Modern Spanish American Literature; Latin American and Spanish Film
Borja Gama de Cossio Medieval and Golden Age Literature; Renaissance Studies.
Peter Kahn Modern Latin American Literature and Culture
Jose Madiedo Colonial Latin American Lit. and Culture
Deliabridget Martinez Modern Latin American Literature and Film
Gorka Maiztegui Contemporary Peninsular Literature, Philosophy, Contemporary Aesthetics.
Gina Malagold Cono Sur
Irene Melé Ballesteros Contemporary Spanish Theatre, Catalan Vaudeville and Cinema, Hispanic performing arts' scene across the Atlantic, Elena Jordi, the Myth of Thais, Women's Authorship, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Dolores Juan Moreno Contemporary Peninsular Poetry & Film
José Méndez Contemporary Spanish American Literature
Pilar Osorio Latin American Literature
Claudia Paez Lotero Latin American Literature
Elisabet Pallas Peninsular Literature
Nicholas Pezzote Cono Sur
Maribel Rams Spanish and Latin Am. Contemporary Lit., Lit. Theory, Autobiography and Gender Theory.
Jayne E. Reino Modern Latin American and Brazilian Literature and Culture, and US Latina/o.
Aida Roldan Chicana Literature, Gender Studies
Robert Silveri Latin American Literature
Giseli Cristina Tordin Hispanic American and Brazilian Literatures; Science and Literature
Gladys Vasquez Latin American Literature
Javier Venturi Modern Spanish Lit. and Culture, and Film Studies