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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Hispanic Linguistics


Graduate Program: Hispanic Linguistics

The graduate program in Spanish and Portuguese at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a research track in Hispanic Linguistics leading to the M.A. and the Ph.D. degrees. Our program provides students the tools to acquire a solid background in theoretical and applied linguistics in order to develop research projects that focus on Iberian languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Galician. Graduate students in Hispanic Linguistics may specialize in dialectology, sociolinguistics, syntax, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, computer-assisted language learning, or any other area as described in our guidelines. Students and faculty in our program come from different parts of North America and from different countries in the Hispanic world. We are very proud of this diversity and of our group's contribution to the UMass academic community. We believe that Hispanic languages and cultures are a very important part of the everyday life of our country, and that Hispanic linguists can contribute to their dissemination and understanding at the same time they help advance research in theoretical and applied linguistics.

Areas of Specialization in Hispanic Linguistics:
  • Sociolinguistics, Dialectology and Bilingualism
  • Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Syntax and Semantics
  • Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis