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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Graduate Programs

In the context of the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures, the mission of the graduate programs in Spanish and Portuguese is to promote the study of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds, while upholding a deep commitment to fostering cultural and intellectual diversity. With broad course offerings leading to M.A. and PhD degrees, students are encouraged to pursue their particular interests under the guidance of a diverse and dedicated faculty.

At any given point, we have around 60 graduate students enrolled in our MA and PhD programs. These programs allow our students to specialize in one of the following areas:
Hispanic Linguistics
Lusophone Literatures and Cultures
Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

We currently fund 30 graduate students who teach one course per semester. Our graduate students have the opportunity to take courses within other departments here at UMass, but also benefit from the close relationships built witin the Five College Interchange: allowing students to expand their knowlege base in a variety of areas. We are currently the only public university in New England offering courses in Catalan, allowing our graduate students to specialize in this area should they wish. Many of our students take advantage of the various graduate certificate programs within the university, and almost all are extremely active within the program: attending the Lecture Series and often hosting the Café Series. Our faculty are dedicated to providing a individual experience to all of the graduate students, and help them to grow within their academic career.