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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Catalan Film Festival: Spring 2014 Schedule

El Bosc
Óscar Aibar
February 25th
Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
The Spanish Civil War broke out and the Anarchist militia occupy the Lower Aragon. A Matarranya, Ramon and his wife Dora hide a secret ancestral to all other villagers. Near the farmhouse where they live, twice a year become visible some mysterious lights that come from the surrounding forest. According to family tradition, the lights illuminate a door leading into another world, where no one can bring back. What is truth in the legend when they find out an anarchist in love with Dora seeks a solution with Ramon and disappears through the light. (Provided by

Pau Freixas
March 4th

Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
A young publicist, with a successful professional life but with an empty personal life, finds himself on a trip against time to get to an important business meeting. During the trip, he meets a girl and, although they are very different and have opposite ways of life, they click when recalling the most mythical and emotional time of their childhood: the last summer they spent with their gang.

Mercado de Futuros
Mercedes Álvarez
March 11th

Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
The abandonment and demolition of an old house, with all its furniture, its plentiful library and its full load of personal memories, becomes the starting point for this film, which tries to portray some of the aspects of the new world. The camera peeps into the real state furore, turned into a showroom and promise of financial gain or of the paradise; into financial investment brokers, gurus and preachers of success and mythology. Personal and collective memory, dreams and desires will be ultimately transformed into pure merchandising.

Catalunya Über Alles
Ramon Térmens
March 25th

Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
Director Ramon Térmens teams with screenwriter Daniel Faraldo to craft three stories centered on the topic of immigration in contemporary Catalunya. In the first tale, a traumatized ex-convict (Gonzalo Cunill) returns home after serving time for rape, but discovers that his sentence when he is shunned by neighbors, and the local gangs endeavors to destroy any chance for reconciliation with his former girlfriend. The second tale follows the experiences of a Senegalese immigrant (Babou Cham) who lands a job as a debt collector based solely on the color of his skin, and receives order to humiliate a staunchly right wing, anti-immigrant politician into paying up. In the final story, a businessman (Joel Joan) becomes a media celebrity after killing an immigrant caught burglarizing his home, finds his celebrated public image irreparably damaged following a scandalous revelation.

Lo mejor de mi
Roser Aguilar
April 1st

Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
When Raquel was a little girl she could not understand why everyone talked constantly about love on the radio, on TV, in Saturday afternoon films and especially in songs. She always wondered what would happen if she did not find anyone who would love her. When Raquel moves in with Tomàs, she will have to ask herself what she would be willing to do for love. She will discover how beautiful, and at the same how difficult, it is to truly love someone. (

Una pistola en cada mano
Cesc Gay
April 8th

Herter 301 @ 6:30pm
A comedy centered around 8 men -all in their late 40's- with identity crises, A gun in each hand boasts an all-star cast including Ricardo Darin, Javier Camara, Leonor Watling, Luis Tosar, and Eduardo Noriega. It's a brilliant collection of six tales of love and longing set in contemporary Barcelona, where the concept of manhood is constantly shifting.

53 dies d'hivern
Judith Colell
April 22nd

Herter 227 @ 6:30pm
Three people who coincide one night at a bus stop are witness to a dog being abandoned. Mila, a high-school teacher who has been off work for a year after being assaulted by one of her students; Celso, a security guard at a shopping centre who has a wife, a child and some serious financial problems; and Valeria, a cello student with a troubled family and love life. 53 winter days is the existential adventure of some characters life turns its back on and walks away. They will each be forced to confront their own fears and frustrations, to seek in their own way the answers to their questions. (