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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Catalan Language & Culture


Every year the Catalan Studies program schedules numerous activities related to Catalan culture and language open to everyone who may be interested, among which it is worth highlighting the weekly Catalan conversation meetings Fem un cafè? (see meeting times and more info on our Facebook page), the Catalan Film Festival and the Catalan Week.


The Spanish & Portuguese Program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst has been co-sponsoring the annual conference Literatura y Pecado that takes place at Es Baluard, Museu d'Art Modern I Contemporani de Palma for the past two years.

This year on January 9-14, 2014 and the sin is laziness. It is organized by Dolores Juan Moreno (UMass), along with Prof. Lourdes Pereira ( University of the Balearic Islands) and Prof. Giovanni Spani (College of the Holy Cross).

Last year's conference was held January 7-10, 2013 and the sin was pride.


Throughout the year, courses are held on Catalan language and culture at different universities and institutions in towns within the language domain of Catalan, so that students studying Catalan outside the language domain can improve their knowledge of the language and take part in a wide range of cultural activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the call for grant applications announced?
    The call for grant applications is published in the Official Gazette of the Catalan government (Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya or DOGC in Catalan) towards the beginning of March, and is also published on the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) website,
  • Do I have to be enrolled at any centre or school and be a Catalan student to opt for a grant?
    No, but the fact that an applicant is or has been enrolled on a Catalan course, either class-based or distance learning, at universities or centers outside the Catalan linguistic domain, will act in their favor when the applications are evaluated.
  • How can I know whether I have been awarded a grant?
    When the IRL awards a grant, the applicant is notified by registered post at his or her home address.
  • When can students enroll on a Catalan language course?
    Throughout the year, various academic organizations and institutions offer language courses within the Catalan linguistic domain, including:
    • Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüat;ística de la Generalitat de Catalunya
    • Consorci per al Foment de la Llengua Catalana del Govern de les Illes Balears
    • Centres de Formació de Persones Adultes de la Generalitat Valenciana
    • EOI Barcelona-Drassanes
    • Universities within the Catalan linguistic domain

Last announcement (2011):

Language stages in Catalonia

  • Campus universitari de la llengua catalana
    The IRL organizes jointly with the Government of Andorra the university campus of the Catalan language which takes place every year from late July to mid August. The Institute offers 10 free registrations for students who wish to participate in the campus. Application period starts in March.
  • Jornades internacionals de llengua i cultura catalanes
    The town of Gironella (El Berguedó) and Masdenverge (El Montsió) organize with the collaboration of the IRL the international meeting of the Catalan language and culture, held from mid August to early September. Application period starts in April.

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