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Links: Catalan Language & Culture

  • Institut Ramon Llull. Consortium made up by the Government of Catalonia and the Government of the Balearic Islands dedicated to the international promotion of the Catalan language and the culture of the areas in which Catalan is spoken.
  • North American Catalan Society (NACS). Professional association of scholars, students, and people with a general interest in any aspect of Catalan culture (literature, linguistics, visual and performing arts, history, and philosophy, among other disciplines).
  • Catalonia. Information about Catalonia, its language, history, traditions, and government, provided by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Curs Catala. A blog that will help those interested in learning Catalan.
  • Llengua Catalana. The most complete information source regarding the Catalan language, provided by the Catalan government.
  • Intercat. Collection of electronic resources for learning about Catalan language and culture, specially designed for students on mobility programs who are visiting Catalan universities.
  • A space providing a training course organized into four levels and two modes of study. The site contains videos, audio material, games, animated activities, etc. It also provides a glossary, transcripts, assistants and a space with recreational and cultural content. By the time he or she has completed the courses, the student will have attained the knowledge required to sit the official exams organized by the Language Policy Secretariat, which are sat in person.
  • 4cats. Series of 20 videos to learn Catalan. Each one depicts some everyday communication situation involving a group of 5 young people in Barcelona.
  • Speakc@t. Speakcat is a Catalan course set in the university context, with exercises and activities to help students discover the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language. It also contains exercises and activities related to practical aspects of everyday university life. The course consists of 10 units. It provides a dictionary, a list of abbreviations, a grammar table and a personal assistant.