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Spanish and Portuguese, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures



Luiz Amaral
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Office: Herter 404
Phone: (413) 545-4790
E-mail: amaral @
Alberto Ameal Perez
Assistant Professor
Spanish Minor Advisor (A-M)
Office: Herter 417
Phone: (413) 545-4909
Meghan Armstrong
Assistant Professor
Spanish Major Advisor (class 2017)
Office: Herter 419
Phone: (413) 545-4910
E-mail: armstrong @
Carole Cloutier
Spanish Language Program Director
Spanish Language Placement Exam
Salamanca Study Abroad
Office: Herter 408
Phone: (413) 545-4916
Francisco Cota Fagundes
Portuguese Language Coordinator
Portuguese Placement/Exemption Exams
Honors Program Director
Office: Herter 406
Phone: (413) 545-4914
Patricia Gubitosi
Associate Professor
Buenos Aires Study Abroad
Office: Herter 423
Phone: (413) 545-4917
Albert Lloret
Assistant Professor
Spanish Major Advisor (class 2016)
Catalan Minor Advisor
Oviedo Study Abroad
Office: Herter 433
Phone: (413) 577-4723
Luis A. Marentes
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
Spanish Major Advisor (class 2015)
Spanish Native Exemption Test
Office: Herter 425
Phone: (413) 545-4923
Guillem Molla
Catalan Language Program Director
Catalan Minor Advisor
Office: Herter 421
Phone: (413) 545-2044
Jose N. Ornelas
Portuguese Major/Minor Advisor
Spanish Major Advisor (class 2014 & 2018)
Office: Herter 422
Phone: (413) 545-4921
Daphne Patai
Office: Herter 402
Phone: (413) 545 4922
Emma Rivera-Rábago
Senior Lecturer
Spanish Minor Advisor (N-Z)
Office: Herter 407
Margara Russotto
Associate Professor
Office: Herter 426
Phone: (413) 545-4924
Barbara Zecchi
Associate Professor
Spanish and Portuguese Director
Granada Study Abroad
Office: Herter 414
Phone: (413) 545-2887

Current Visiting Faculty

Roberto Márquez
Fall 2014
Professor Emeritus
Mount Holyoke College
Office: Herter 426
Diogenes Costa Curras
Fall 2014
University of Michigan
Office: Herter 516
Camila Carvalho
Fall 2014
Office: Herter 403
Idoia Martinez del Mozo
Fall 2014
Office: Herter 403
Carlos Molina-Vital
Fall 2014
Office: Herter 417
Click here for a complete list of Visiting Faculty.


Leah Dodson
Office Manager/Graduate Program
Office: Herter 416
Phone: (413) 545-0544
Mary Ellen White Maynard
Undergraduate Program
Office: Herter 418
Phone: (413) 545-2807

Teaching Assistants/Associates

Ana Alonso Hampshire 221
Susana Antunes Hampshire 221
Alba Arias Hampshire 215
Albert Asunción Hampshire 217
Sheryl Bernardo Hampshire 217
Christina M. Beaubien Hampshire 217
Danielle Bovee Hampshire 219
Pau Canigueral Hampshire 221
Molly Cole Hampshire 221
Gloria Cuesta Hampshire 215
Rossano Dalla Valle Hampshire 209
Fiona Dixon Hampshire 221
Andie Faber Hampshire 219
Agnieszka Gabor Hampshire 219
Borja Gama de Cossío Hampshire 209
Eduardo García-Fernández Hampshire 221
Odalis Patricia Hidalgo Hampshire 215
Gina Malagold Hampshire 215
Gorka Maiztegui Hampshire 215
Irene Melé Ballesteros Hampshire 217
Deliabridget Martinez Hampshire 209
Isaac McAlister Hampshire 217
Dolores Juan Moreno Hampshire 219
Pilar Osorio Hampshire 209
Jaime Ovejero Hampshire 217
Claudia Paez Lotero Hampshire 219
Elisabet Pallas Hampshire 221
Maribel Rams Hampshire 209
Aida Roldan Hampshire 209
Giseli Cristina Tordin Hampshire 217
Covadonga Sanchez Hampshire 219
Carmen Santamaría Hampshire 217
Antonio Terrón Barroso Hampshire 217
Maria Turrero-Garcia Hampshire 209
Santiago Vidales Hampshire 219

Current Graduate Students

1 Ana Alonso M.A.
2 Susana Antunes Ph.D. Francisco Fagundes
3 Alba Arias Ph.D. Patricia Gubitosi
4 Albert Asunción M.A. Barbara Zecchi
5 Sonia Battle Ph.D. Luis Marentes
6 Christina Beaubien Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
7 Amy Beresky M.A. Patricia Gubitosi
8 Sheryl Bernardo Ph.D. (ABD) Patricia Gubitosi
9 Danielle Bovee M.A. Albert Lloret
10 Pau Canigueral Ph.D. Albert Lloret
11 Esther Castro-Cuenca Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
12 Molly Cole M.A. Luiz Amaral
13 Carmen Cosme Ph.D. (ABD) José Ornelas
14 Gloria Cuesta Ph.D. Margara Russotto
15 Flavia Cunha Ph.D. Patricia Gubitosi
16 Rossano Dalla Valle Ph.D. (ABD) Albert Lloret
17 Judy de Oliveira Ph.D. (ABD) Patricia Gubitosi
18 Fiona Dixon Ph.D. Patricia Gubitosi & Meghan Armstrong
19 Andie Faber Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
20 José Figueiredo Ph.D. Francisco Fagundes
21 Diana Fiori Ph.D. Luiz Amaral
22 Agnieszka Gabor M.A. Daphne Patai
23 Borja Gama de Cossío Ph.D. (ABD) Albert Lloret
24 Eduardo García-Fernández M.A. Luiz Amaral
25 Ramiro Garcia-Olano Ph.D. (ABD) Alberto Ameal-Perez
26 Odalis Hidalgo Ph.D. (ABD) Luis Marentes
27 Dolores Juan Moreno Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
28 José Madiedo Ph.D. (ABD) María Barbón
29 Gorka Maiztegui Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
30 Gina Malagold Ph.D.
31 Deliabridget Martínez Ph.D. (ABD) Alberto Ameal-Perez
32 Isaac McAlister M.A.
33 Fran Meizoso Ph.D. (ABD) Eduardo Negueruela
34 Paulina Mejías M.A. Albert Lloret
35 Irene Mele Ballesteros Ph.D. Barbara Zecchi
36 José Méndez M.A. Luis Marentes
37 Dana Monsein Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
38 Jon Nelson Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
39 Pilar Osorio Ph.D.
40 Jaime Ovejero Oviedo Exchange Luiz Amaral
41 Claudia Marcela Paez Lotero Ph.D. Alberto Ameal-Perez
42 Elisabet Pallas M.A. Barbara Zecchi
43 Eva Paris-Huesca Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
44 Nicholas Pezzote Ph.D. Margara Russotto
45 Bridget Pinsonneault Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
46 Maribel Rams Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
47 Jayne Reino Ph.D. Luis Marentes
48 Aida Roldan Ph.D. Alberto Ameal-Perez
49 Ana Rona Ph.D. (ABD) Patricia Gubitosi
50 Covadonga Sanchez Ph.D. Luiz Amaral
51 Carmen Santamaría Oviedo Exchange Luiz Amaral
52 Robert Silveri Ph.D. (ABD) Margara Russotto
53 Antonio Terrón Barroso Ph.D. Luiz Amaral
54 Giseli Tordin Ph.D. (ABD) Albert Lloret
55 María Turrero Ph.D. (ABD) Luiz Amaral
56 Gladys Vasquez Ph.D. (ABD) Luis Marentes
57 Javier Venturi Ph.D. (ABD) Barbara Zecchi
58 Santiago Vidales Ph.D. Luis Marentes
Click here to see a list of previous graduate students.

Who should I contact in Spanish in Portuguese?

You should contact this person if you want information about ...
Leah Dodson Graduate Program, financial matters, faculty requests, etc.
Mary Ellen White Maynard Undergraduate classes and course schedule
Carole Cloutier Spanish language classes (100 and 200 levels), Spanish language placement.
M.A.T. and STEP programs.
Luiz Amaral M.A. and Ph.D programs (Graduate Program Director)
Luis Marentes Undergraduate Program Director
Francisco Fagundes Honors Program
Guillem Molla Catalan Minor
Albert Lloret Catalan Minor
Alberto Ameal-Pérez Spanish Minor: Last Name from A-M
Emma Rivera Rábago Spanish Minor: Last Name from N-Z
José Ornelas Spanish Major - class of 2014
Luis Marentes Spanish Major - class of 2015
Albert Lloret Spanish Major - class of 2016
Meghan Armstrong Spanish Major - class of 2017
José Ornelas Spanish Major - class of 2018
José Ornelas Portuguese Major and Minor
Barbara Zecchi The Spanish and Portuguese Unit (Program Director)
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