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Study Abroad

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Many students in Spanish and Portuguese study abroad, either individually or in exchange programs sponsored by the University and by our program. These programs in Europe and Latin America offer especially rewarding opportunities. All students must make sure that the appropriate advisor approves courses in advance in order to transfer all the credits when they are back on campus.

When you decide to study abroad, you have many options. Why should you choose one of these programs?

Here are a few reasons why!

You have options to choose from and all option are supervised by UMass Amherst Faculty/Staff.


If you choose one of these programs, you know how the courses you take abroad are going to transfer before you leave: so there are no unpleasant surprises when you return.

No Limitations

While there are limits to the number of credits that you can transfer towards your minor and major in Spanish at UMass Amherst (in regards to courses you take through other study abroad programs), there is no such a limit for transferring courses you take abroad through these programs.


Your financial aid is available to study abroad.

We strive to make the study abroad experience available to all students.

Do you need help deciding where to study abroad? Contact the Study Abroad Director, Professor David Rodriguez-Solas, at

Need Major/Minor advising? Please visit our advising page or call 413 545 2887 for immediate assistance.