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Catalan Film Festival


Come and join us for the 10th annual Catalan film Festival Monday March 26th 2018 thru Friday March 31st 2018. Times and locations listed below. Open to the public. Food and Drink available prior to screenings.



3/26 Uncertain Glory in room S240 (ILC) at 6:30pm

3/27 Salvador in room S240 (ILC) at 6:30 pm

3/28 The Institutions of Fear in Isenberg School Of Management (SOM) 137 at 7:30 pm

Film will be introduced by Sebastiaan Faber and a Q & A with director after screening.

3/29 General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe in room S240 (ILC) at 6:30 pm

With talks by Monte Armengou and Sebastiaan Faber before screening located at 758 N. Pleasant St. at 4 pm

3/30 The Bigger, the Better in room S240 (ILC) at 6:30 pm

With talks by Liz Castro and Susan DiGiacomo before screening located in ILC S404 at 5 pm