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This course is an introduction to different methods and approaches to foreign language teaching. During the course, students learn how to prepare a foreign language lesson, and develop the necessary abilities to become language instructors. This course is required for all new TAs.

  • Practicing Literary Translation: Spanish / Portuguese / Catalan - Regina Galasso

This course offers extensive practice of literary translation with readings of key texts by translators of Iberian and Latin American literatures. Students will work on a semester-long project of their choice that is a translation involving any language combination of Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and English. As students become familiar with the varying views of translation, they will develop their ability to talk and write about translators' strategies and choices, and recognize translation as a scholarly activity. This course also provides an opportunity for students to enhance their literary analysis skills while forming a community of readers and writers. Students will complete short exercises, collaborative work, and presentations. Knowledge of at least one of these languages and English required.

This seminar will provide students with the theoretical tools necessary to understand the key concepts and issues that are fundamental to the interpretation and control of the critical discourses, both literary and cultural, related to the Luso-Hispanic world. The goals of this seminar are both applied and theoretical in nature. While the course offers a historical overview of major trends and movements in literary and cultural theory, it also aims to stimulate the student’s own independent critical thinking. The seminar furthermore seeks to offer an overview of the current theoretical research conducted by the faculty of the Spanish and Portuguese program in Luso-Hispanic Literary Studies.

Hispanic linguistics

Iberian literatures and cultures

Latin American and Latina/o literatures and cultures

Lusophone literatures, cultures and linguistics