Paul Knudson


My current research explores the factors that influence middle class parents’ decisions to remain in central cities and to enroll their children in urban public schools. It examines how these families experience these settings and how they interpret their children’s educational and social progression. Embedded within this framework is a comparison of middle class African American and Hispanic experiences to those of white middle class families.


PhD, Sociology, University at Albany, State University of New York, 2011

MA, Sociology, University of North Dakota, 2005

BA, Sociology, Northwestern College, 2002

Research Areas

Urban Sociology, Education, Families and Schools, Race, Class/Inequality

Selected Publications

Paul T. Knudson. 2012. “Preservationists as Qualitative Growth Actors: A Case Study of Saratoga Springs, New York.” Humanity & Society, November 2012, (36) 4: 326-353.

Paul T. Knudson. 2012. “Regional Industrial Recruitment in Upstate New York.” State and Local Government Review, 44 (1): 21-32.