The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Apply for an Undergraduate Sociology Award!

There is still time to apply for an Undergraduate Sociology Award — and YOU should apply! Each year, we give out a number of awards at our end-of-the-semester BBQ and Awards Ceremony (this year it will be Wednesday, April 26 at 5 PM — more details to come).

A list of awards is below — the deadline to apply is Friday, March 31. Email submissions to Kat Fabel,, with the subject “Undergraduate Awards.”

Except where noted, award winners are determined by the Sociology Undergraduate Program Committee.

Best Paper Award

Have you written an awesome paper for one of your Sociology classes in Spring 2016 or Fall 2016? Submit it for a chance to win!

Jane Addams Sociology in Practice Award

Recognizes one or more sociology majors who have proven their ability to apply sociological ideas and insights to pressing sociological problems. Have you done an internship, worked on an issue, or worked at a job where you had to apply your sociological imagination?

Submit a 1–2 page statement reflecting on what you have accomplished, explaining how sociology helped you. Consider in your reflection what you learned from the experience.

Meghan K. Beebe Senior Speaker Award

This award recognizes an enthusiastic sociology student who has strong writing and public speaking skills that will speak on behalf of sociology at the SBS Senior Celebration Commencement Ceremony.

Submit a 1-minute speech, illustrating the impact that sociology has had in your personal life, or describing sociology as an inspirational outlet for making a difference and impacting the lives of others.

Dedicated in remembrance of sociology student Meghan Beebe.

C. Wright Mills Award for Sociological Imagination

Awarded to a sociology major who best illustrates how sociology has had an influence on their life by changing the way they think about social issues.

Submit a response (3 pages or less) answering the following question – “How has sociology affected your college experience?” You might approach the essay by asking yourself: Has your point of view changed because of sociology? Has a major in sociology affected what you thought you wanted to do with your life? Was there an eye-opening, aha! moment in your sociology undergraduate career?

The C. Wright Mills Award winner will be chosen by a team of sociology undergraduate students.