Anna Branch Among Four Selected for Women’s Leadership Institutes

For the first time since 2009, when the campus began sponsoring participants in the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Institutes, a leadership development program for women, all four of the university’s nominees have been accepted, says Associate Chancellor Susan Pearson.

This year, the university will send Enobong (Anna) Branch, associate professor of sociology and director of diversity advancement for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Beth Jakob, professor of psychological and brain studies and associate dean for student success at the Graduate School; A. Yęmisi Jimoh, professor of Afro-American studies, and Barbara Krauthamer, associate professor of history and associate dean of the Graduate School for student inclusion and engagement.

The four join a cadre of more than two dozen other administrators and faculty members who have attended the intensive residential leadership and management training institutes that are offered at the University of Denver, Bryn Mawr College and Wellesley College. Since 1976, more than 5,000 women from more than 1,200 campuses in the U.S. and abroad have participated in HERS institutes.

“At this critical time, higher education needs more women prepared to assume senior leadership roles, both to fill the openings from anticipated presidential retirements and to provide their leadership as decision makers at all levels of the institution,” says the HERS website. “HERS is dedicated to creating and sustaining a community of women leaders through leadership development programs and other strategies with a special focus on gender equity within the broader commitment to achieving equality and excellence in higher education.”

The campus selection process begins with nominations from deans and vice chancellors, says Pearson, with the final selection of nominees made by the chancellor. 

“The program has been enormously successful in providing administrative preparation, and a large number of the participants, most of whom have remained on our campus, have gone on to very successful administrative careers,” she adds.

Current campus administrators and faculty who attended a HERS Institute include Marjorie Aelion, Erin Baker, Martha Baker, Carol Barr, Joye Bowman, Laura Briggs, Julie Caswell, Elizabeth Chilton, Claudia Donald, Betsy Dumont, Linda Griffin, Claire Hamilton, Elisabeth Hamin, Julie Hayes, Linda Lewandowski, Sara Littlecrow-Russell, Jennifer Lundquist, Jennifer Normanly, Sally Powers and and Jacqui Watrous.

» via UMass News & Media Relations