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Internship Program

Any major who has a 2.0 average and has taken 45 credits of college level work can do an internship. Students receive one academic credit for each 40 hours a term. Thus, during a 13-week semester, three credits require one day a week, six credits two days a week, and so on. A maximum of 18 credits is permitted. Students cannot receive transfer credit for internships. Grades are Pass/Fail only.

The Sociology Department recommends two different kinds of internships:

  1. Criminal Justice concentrators or minors who wish a CJ-related placement should contact the Criminal Justice Internship Director, Robert Garvey (Thompson 732, 5-0563). These internships are offered as SOCIOL 298.
  2. Non-CJ concentrators can obtain internships through the Field Experience Office, which is part of the Career Services Center in Goodell 511. The office has an online database to help students locate an internship. In order to learn how to use it, students should attend an Internship Info Session, offered weekly in 508 Goodell Hall. (Find out when.) Alternatively, students may find an internship on their own and ask the Internship Office to consider accepting it. Once the paperwork is in process, students enroll in UMASS 298Y, which has a unique schedule number available from the Field Experience Office. More information is available through UMass Amherst Career Services (413-545-2224,

After finding an internship, students must choose a faculty sponsor. Possibilities include a favorite professor or a Concentration Coordinator. The sponsor provides the student with an internship-related academic assignment and, later, with a Pass/Fail grade. Assignments have included keeping a journal and/or writing a paper. Students needing help finding a faculty sponsor should see the Chief Undergraduate Advisor. Sponsor and student together develop an academic contract which is signed by both. (Forms available in Thompson 712.) Next the student takes the contract to back to Thompson 712. The contract needs to be signed by the Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Christin Glodek (Thompson 720); then the Undergraduate Office Manager makes a copy for departmental files. Students come back a couple days later, pick up the signed contract and return it to the Internship Office.


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