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Career Information

Studying sociology is a good way to obtain a well-rounded, liberal arts education. Although the major does not provide vocational training, its concentrations offer good preparation for entry-level jobs or for graduate study. Students interested in social work at the individual or community level could profitably concentrate in Social Service. Courses related to Criminology can help prepare a student for future work in the area of criminal justice. Concentrating in Social Research and Data Analysis is useful preparation for careers in market research, opinion polling, and statistical analysis. The Social Inequality and Diversity concentration is useful to students considering a job in teaching or in human resources, as well as those eager to foster social change. Finally, courses in culture, organizations and institutions offer an excellent introduction to American Society and to graduate work in sociology.

Along with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Christin Glodek, Career Services in 511 Goodell can provide students with assistance ranging from resume writing to job searches to career counselling.


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