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2014 Award Recipients

Fifty Years ago C. Wright Mills wrote that
those who acquire the sociological imagination
"come to feel as if suddenly awakened. . .
They acquire a new way of thinking."

University Awards

  • William F. Field Alumni Scholarship:
    Cristina Freitas
  • SBS Internship Award:
    Emily Belko
    Jenna Grady
    Nicholas Fernald
  • LeBovidge Undergraduate Research Award:
    Arya Mohanka
    Holli Selman
  • SBS Dean's Opportunity Fund:
    Diana Weinstein
  • Phi Beta Kappa:
    Ashley Boudrow, Christopher Fanning, Nicole Gelinas, Margaret Hislop, Justine Kane, Amy Luskin, Amy Tolman

Departmental Honors

  • Kate Beard
    Amy Schalet, Chair
  • Larosey Burrill
    Jon Wynn, Chair
  • Christopher Fanning
    Jay Demerath, Chair
  • Margaret Hislop
    Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey, Chair
  • Amy Luskin
    Amy Schalet, Chair
Sociology Undergraduates

Sociology Awards

Sociology Best Paper Award

The Sociology Department Best Paper Award is given to one or more sociology majors who produces an exceptional paper, exam, or written product in a sociology course, independent study, as a thesis, or for any other substantial sociological writing.

  • Brittany Gauthier
    for Cult Catastrophes: Are Internal Explanations the Real Answer?
  • Molly Meehan
    for Queering the Workplace: An Analysis of Structure, Relations, and Interactions in Greenos Sub Shop

Henry Korson Best Senior(s) Award

The Sociology Department Best Senior Award is granted to one or more outstanding senior sociology majors based on departmental nominations and references.

  • Darian Alexis
  • Courtney Bernard
  • Justine Kane

Meghan K. Beebe Senior Speaker Award

The Sociology Department Senior Speaker Award is granted to one exceptional senior sociology major with strong writing and presentation skills who will speak on behalf of graduating sociology majors at the SBS Senior Celebration Commencement ceremony.

  • Sarah Laughlin

Henry Korson Best Junior Award

The Sociology Department Best Junior Award is granted to one outstanding junior sociology major based on departmental nominations and references.

  • Ardrianna Howard
  • Christopher Karwaski
  • Molly Meehan

David S. Liederman Award

The Sociology Department Liederman Award is given to one or more outstanding senior sociology majors with a commitment to improving the lives of children and families.

  • Melissa Pennica
  • Luis Soto
  • Sarah Ricciarelli

Jane Addams Sociology in Practice Award

The Sociology in Practice Award recognizes one or more sociology majors who have proven their ability to apply sociological ideas and insights to pressing social problems.

  • Amy Luskin

C. Wright Mills Award for Sociological Imagination

Awarded to one Sociology Major who best illustrates how sociology has had an influence on their life by changing the way they think about social issues.

  • Erin O'Meara

W.E.B. Du Bois Outstanding Sociological Achievement Award

Awarded to sociology majors who have achieved distinction in any of a variety of ways. This might be through consistently high performance in courses, or by overcoming obstacles, or for outstanding class participation, or for involvement in the community, or for any of a variety of other forms of accomplishment. The award winners receive a one-year subscription to the American Sociological Association journal, Contexts.

Kate Beard
Rebecca Bucci
Larosey Burrill
Patrice Charlot
Alisa Gavrilyuk
Rachel Glod
Margaret Hislop
Sarah Hughes
Derek Ibell
Honor Jackson
Jacquline Kansao
Adriana Lasso-Harrier
Patricia Martin
Dalton Mourao
Ruth Netzahualt
Chantal Newkirk
Anya-Lauren Pierre-Louis
Julianne Roderick
Andrew Russell


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