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Department of Sociology



Advising in Sociology

Check us out on Facebook for walk-in hours, or make an advising appointment here.

Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Christin Glodek Thompson 720, 545-4056,
Christin can help you with declaring Sociology as a major, assistance in course selection, advice about post-graduate plans, as well as interpretation of rules and resolution of problems.

Academic Advisor
Linda Ziegenbein Thompson 722, 545-4059,
Linda can help with registration, advising holds, and graduation clearances, as well as internships and research placements and other post-graduation planning.

Undergraduate Advisor
Marianne Joyce Thompson 732,
Marianne works closely with the peer advisors and the Chief Undergraduate Advisor. She advises students as they sign in to the major and approves minors. Marianne can also approve transfer and study abroad coursework.

Peer Advisors
Thompson 719, 545-4075,
Each peer advisor is a Sociology major and can discuss with you course selection, requirements and other relevant issues. Hours are posted by the second week of the semester.

Honors Coordinator
Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey Thompson 622, 545-1763,
As coordinator, Prof. Tomaskovic-Devey can guide through the requirements and process for doing honors work in Sociology.

Criminal Justice Internship Advisor
Robert Garvey Thompson 732, 545-0563,
Sheriff Garvey can assist you in finding an internship in the field, coordinating with a site sponsor or serving as a faculty sponsor.


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