University of Massachusetts Amherst

Department of Sociology



Letter in Social Welfare/Social Work

The Sociology Department offers a letter in Social Welfare/Social Work to students interested in studies leading to graduate work in social work or social policy, or preparation for employment in social welfare programs or social work agencies upon graduation.

Please visit the Sociology Peer Advising Office in Thompson 722 or the Undergraduate Program Office in Thompson 712 to obtain advising or additional information on the Letter. Upon receipt of evidence from the Undergraduate Registrar of satisfactory completion of the required work, the Chair of the Sociology Department will issue a letter of accomplishment to the student after their graduation. A copy of this letter will be kept in the Sociology Department’s file for two years.


Students must take:

_____ Sociol 328, Intro to Social Work
Sociol 341, Social Welfare

And four (4) elective courses from the following:

_____ Sociol 222, The Family
Sociol 224, Social Class and Inequality
Sociol 244, Sociology of Immigration
Sociol 248, Conformity and Deviance
Sociol 328, Intro to Social Work
Sociol 340, Race Relations
Sociol 341, Social Welfare
Sociol 345, Juvenile Delinquency
Sociol 383, Gender and Society
Sociol 395K, Domestic Violence
Sociol 442, Sociology of Medicine
Sociol 481, Sociology of Mental Health

Two courses below may be substituted for a Sociology course:
Polsci 181, Controversies in Public Policy
Polsci 280, Public Policy
Polsci 380, Social Welfare Policy
Psych 350, Developmental Psychology
Psych 355, Adolescent Psychology
Psych 360, Social Psychology
Psych 365, Psychology of Aging
Psych 370, Personality
Psych 380, Abnormal Psychology

Relevant courses not listed here can be petitioned for approval by the Sociology Chief Undergraduate Advisor. These requirements are effective for students entering the University Fall 2014 and later. Students entering the University prior to this should contact the Sociology Advising office for the prior requirements.

Contact the Undergraduate Advising Office (, 413‑545‑4056, Thompson 722) or the Undergraduate Program Office (413‑545‑4059, Thompson 712) for more information on the Letter.


Department of Sociology • Thompson Hall • University of Massachusetts–Amherst, MA 01003