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Chris Smith



Chris Smith is an eighth year Ph.D. candidate in residence. Her areas of specializaion include crime and inequality, feminist criminology, historical research methods, organized crime, social network analysis, sociology of family, sociology of gender, and urban sociology. Chris’ dissertation combines social network analysis and historical research methods to examine women’s positions in Chicago organized crime netowrks during the early 1900s. Her dissertation has received funding from the National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant, the National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowship, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Graduate School Fellowship. Chris was the 2009 recipient of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Office of the Provost’s Distinguished Teaching Award. Her expected graduation is May 2015.


2002 B.A. Sociology University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire


Smith, Chris M. 2014. “The Influence of Gentrification on Gang Homicides in Chicago, 1994 to 2005.” Crime & Delinquency 60(4)569-91.

Papachristos, Andrew V. and Chris M. Smith. 2014. “The Embedded and Multiplex Nature of Al Capone.” Pp. 97-115 in Crime and Networks, edited by C. Morselli. New York: Routledge.

Papachristos, Andrew V., Chris M. Smith, Mary L. Scherer, and Melissa A. Fugiero. 2011. “More Coffee, Less Crime? The Relationship between Gentrification and Neighborhood Crime Rates in Chicago, 1991 to 2005.” City & Community 10(3):215-40.


  • URBN 1230 – Crime and Policing
    Spring 2013, Brown University
  • SOCIOL 344 – Gender and Crime
    Spring 2012, University of Massachusetts–Amherst


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