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Cassaundra Rodriguez

Cassaundra Rodriguez


Cassaundra Rodriguez is a second-year graduate student in residence. Her research interests include race, gender, social inequality, and labor. Cassaundra has conducted research concerning the labor performed by Latina immigrant domestic workers in the greater Los Angeles area by using primarily qualitative methods. Currently, she is working on her first comprehensive paper, focusing on how elected officials employ an injury ideology in their discourse when speaking about immigrants and Latinas/os. Concurrently, she is also collecting data on a project on racial profiling.


2011 B.A. Sociology / Gender and Women's Studies California State University–Northridge


TA experience

SOCIOL 105 – Social Psychology, University of Massachusetts–Amherst, Fall 2011
SOCIOL 103 – Social Problems, University of Massachusetts–Amherst, Spring 2012
SOCIOL 106 – Race, Ethnicity, Gender, & Class, University of Massachusetts–Amherst, Fall 2012
Chicana/o Studies 060 – Intro to Written Composition, California State University–Northridge, Fall 2008-Spring 2011


Department of Sociology • Thompson Hall • University of Massachusetts–Amherst, MA 01003