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Sonny Nordmarken

Sonny Nordmarken


Sonny Nordmarken works on gender, sexuality, emotion, and embodiment. His research examines transgender people's everyday interactions as a site where feeling, power, and knowledge are co-produced. Sonny integrates ethnography with experimental qualitative inquiry and poststructural thought, working between feminist sociology, transgender studies, disability studies, and performance studies.


2008 M.A. Sexuality Studies San Fransisco State University
2003 B.A. Anthropology University of California at Davis
  Minor Women and Gender Studies  



Nordmarken, Sonny. "Becoming Ever More Monstrous: Feeling Transgender In-Betweenness." Qualitative Inquiry 19(10).

Nordmarken, Sonny and Reese Kelly. "Limiting Transgender Health: Administrative Violence and Microaggressions in Health Care Systems." in Left Out: Health Care Issues Facing LGBT People edited by Vickie Harvey and Teresa Housel. Lexington Books.

Nordmarken, Sonny. "Microaggressions." Transgender Studies Quarterly 1(1).

Manuscripts in Preparation

"Disrupting Gendering: How Trans and Gender Nonconforming People Interrupt and Reconfigure Gender Accomplishment"

"Everyday Transgender Emotional Inequality: Microaggressions, Micropower Dynamics, Emotional Exertion, and Cisgender Emotional Leisure"
Best Graduate Student Paper Award, ASA Section on Sociology of Emotions, 2013

"What Would the Trans Epistemology Say to the Feminist Epistemology? A Trans Critique of Feminist Epistemologies"


Courses Taught

Gender and Society
Gender and Crime

Courses Assisted

Sociological Theory
Social Problems
Introduction to Sociology
Deviance and Social Order
Contemporary American Society
Sexuality and Society
Cross Cultural Sex and Gender
Variations in Human Sexuality
Queer Cinema/Queer Media
Gender and Difference: Critical Analyses


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