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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller


Sarah Miller is a graduate student in residence. Her research focuses on the study of youth, culture, and social inequality, with particular interest in how gender, class, race, and ethnicity shape young people's experiences of sexuality within the United States. Her current projects investigate (a) class differences in bullying practices, (b) how young women negotiate, regulate, and resist the sexual double standard during the transition to adulthood, and (c) the role of slut-shaming and homophobia in the female gendering process. Sarah is invested in feminist and qualitiative approaches to pursuing social research. Sarah holds an M.A. in Women's Studies and has worked at the National Sexuality Resource Center, Google, and SFSU's Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality. She is a member of the American Sociological Association and has served on the sociology department's Graduate Policy Committee, the Committee for Intellectual Activities, and the Sociology Graduate Student Association. Prior to graduate school, Sarah directed a sexual violence prevention program in Chicago.


2007 M.A. Women's Studies San Francisco State University
2002 B.A. Psychology & Women's Studies St. Olaf College


Research Assistantships

Research Assistant for Amy Schalet on adolescent sexuality, health and policy, Fall 2008-2011
University of Massachusetts—Amherst

Research Assistant for Gilbert Herdt on sexual literacy, 2007-2008
National Sexuality Resource Center, SFSU, San Francisco

Research Assistant for Deborah Tolman on adolescent sexuality and the media, 2006-2007
Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, SFSU, San Francisco

Comprehensive Exams

"In Defense of Danger: Voicing the Discursive Boundaries of Adolescent Female Sexuality"
Defended May 2010, UMass Amherst

M.A. Thesis

"Girls Policing Girls: Sexual Reputation Regulation and the Discourse of 'American Girlhood'"
Defended May 2007, San Francisco State University


"In Defense of Danger: Voicing the Discursive Boundaries of Adolescent Female Sexuality." Forthcoming. Sexualities.

"'Secure' Girls: Self Esteem Talk and the Sexual Double Standard." (with Amy Wilkins) Under Review.


Courses Taught

SOCIOL 387 – Sexuality and Society: Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013

Teaching Assistantships

SOCIOL 110 – Intro to Sociology: Spring 2011
SOCIOL 222 – The Family: Fall 2010
SOCIOL 106 – Race, Gender, Class, Ethnicity: Spring 2010
Women's Studies 512/712 – Feminist Approaches to Sexual Identities and Cultures: Spring 2007 (SF State)


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