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Sarah Ford is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at UMass Amherst, although she resides in Buffalo, NY. She completed her comprehensive examinations in the areas of social theory and social psychology; her research interests center around identity, gender, technology (specifically the Internet), and social theory. In her dissertation, she is examining changes in contemporary conceptions of public and private/personal; the project has the working title "Public and Private in the Blogosphere." Her research has been published in Social Thought and Research and Information, Communication, and Society and presented at meetings of the Association of Internet Researchers, the Eastern Sociological Society, and the American Sociological Association. Sarah is a member of the American Sociological Association and the Association of Internet Researchers.


Sept 2012
Ph.D. Sociology University of Massachusetts—Amherst
2004 M.A. Sociology University of Massachusetts—Amherst
1999 B.A.
cum laude
Sociology / Anthropology;
certificate in French & Francophone Studies
Carlton College


"Public and Private in the Blogosphere"
PhD Dissertation in preparation

"Reconceptualizing the public/private distinction in the age of information technology." Information Communication & Society 14(4):550-567.

"By Invitation Only: LiveJournal Users' Conceptions of Access to Personal Content." Presented at Internet Research 11.0 in Gothenburg, Sweden October 2010.

"The Little Dutch Boy Has Run Out of Fingers: Reconceptualizing the Public/Private Distinction in the Age of Information." Presented at the 2010 American Sociological Association meetings in Atlanta, August 2010.

"LJ: Critical. Learning from the Layoffs." Presented at Internet Research 10.0 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 2009.

"Space and Place: The New Playgrounds of 21st Century Life." Co-Authored with Mark Gammon; presented at Internet Research 8.0 in Vancouver, Canada October 2007.

"Public and Private on LiveJournal." Presented at Internet Research 5.0 in Brighton, England, September 2004.

"ROFLMAO! :D": (re)Embodiment of the Web-Based Chat Room.
Comprehensive Examination in the area of Social Psychology.
Second place, Carl Couch Internet Research Award, 2003; presented at Internet Research 4.0 in Toronto, Canada.

"ASL Everyone!": Presentation and Maintenance of Gendered Identities in Web-Based Chat Rooms.
Presented at Internet Research 4.0 in Toronto, Canada.

Ford, Sarah Michele. 2003. "Are We To Be Forever Trapped Between the Two?: The Internet, Modernity, and Postmodernity in the Early 21st Century." Social Thought and Research 25(1&2):85-110.
Comprehensive Examination in the area of Social Theory.
Presented at the 2003 meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society in Philadelphia, PA.


Teaching at UMass

TA for Social Problems; Self, Society and Interpersonal Relations; Race/Class/Gender/Ethnicity; Statistics; Drugs and Society; Social Theory

Instructor for Race/Class/Gender/Ethnicity; Drugs and Society; Sexuality and Society; Writing in Sociology

Teaching in Buffalo

Instructor for Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Buffalo State College, Canisius College)

Instructor for Introduction to Sociology (Buffalo State College, D'Youville College, Canisius College, Niagara University NUSTEP Program)

Instructor for Internet and Society (Canisius College)

Instructor for Sexuality and Society (Canisius College)


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