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Ilgin Erdem


Ilgin Erdem is a fifth year graduate student in residence originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Her research and teaching interests are Social and Political Movements; State and Violence; State Ethnography; Power and Social Inequalities; Urban Sociology and Urban Marginality; Social Theories; Political Economy.


2007 M.A. Sociology Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 B.A. Economics Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey


2011-present Dissertation Field Research
"At the Crossroads of Couterpublics: Political Dissent in the Urban Margins of Turkey"
2006-2007 Master's Thesis Field Research
"New Workers Confronting Old Rules: Vocational Education in Alibeyköy School, Istanbul"
2005-2007 Research Assistant
"Social Assistance through Contribution to Public Welfare"
Social Policy Forum, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
2006 Research Assistant
"A Study of Social Policy Transformation in South East Turkey"
Social Policy Forum, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey


Summer 2011 Online Instructor
Social Class and Inequality, Sociology Department, UMASS
Fall 2011 Teaching Assistant
Social Theory, Sociology Department, UMASS
Summer 2010,
Winter 2008
Online Instructor
Social Problems, Sociology Department, UMASS
Fall 2009,
Spring 2010
Teaching Assistant
Data Collection and Analysis, Sociology Department, UMASS
Spring 2009,
Spring 2008
Teaching Assistant
Crime and Deviance, Sociology Department, UMASS
Fall 2008 Teaching Assistant
Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity, Sociology Department, UMASS
Fall 2007 Teaching Assistant
Contemporary American Society, Sociology Department, UMASS


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