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R.J. Barrios

R.J. Barrios


R.J. Barrios is a graduate student in residence. His interests include sexuality, gender, culture, mixed methodology, and social inequality. He is working concurrently on several projects analyzing the sexual scripts, physical behaviors, and romantic intentions of students involved in college hookup culture. Since starting graduate school, R.J. has served as the co-chair for the Sociology Graduate Student Association (Fall 2008 – Spring 2009), a member of the Social Committee (Fall 2006 – Spring 2010), and is currently a member of the Sociology Graduate Policy Committee. Mr. Barrios is a member of the American Sociological Association and the Society for the Study of Social Problems.


2005 B.A. Sociology University of Texas at San Antonio


Comprehensive Exams

"Boys just want to have fun? Sexual Behaviors and Romantic Intentions of Gay and Straight Males in College." Defended May 2010.

"An Arm's Length: Assessing the Role of Self and Other in Scientific Research." To be defended in Fall 2010.

Research in Progress

Barrios, R.J. "Chasing the Good Gay Paradigm: Heteronormativity and Homophobia in Gay Dating."

Barrios, R.J. "Putting Drag in it's Place: Queering the Local Gay Bar."

Barrios, R.J. "Growing Up Gaysha: An Experiment in Blurred Genre and Dual Voice."

Hickes-Lundquist, Jennifer, and R.J. Barrios. "Assessing the Sexual Risk Paradigm: Reported Risky Behaviors of Gay and Straight Males in College."



Fall 2010 – Social Problems
Summer 2010 – Contemporary American Sociology
Spring 2010 – Sociology of American Culture
Fall 2009 – Sociology of American Culture

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2009 – Theories and Perspectives in Sociology
Fall 2008 – Data Collection
Spring 2008 – Criminology
Fall 2007 – Sociology of the Family
Spring 2007 – Social Problems
Fall 2006 – Contemporary Amercian Society


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