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Christine Barriento

Christine Barriento


Christine Barriento is a second year graduate student in residence. Her research interests include race, immigration, ethnicity, education, gender, class, and employment. Christine is a teaching assistant. Christine is a member of the American Sociological Association and the International Sociology Honors Society. At her undergraduate institution she received the Benjamin Mellon Mays Fellowship from 2009-2011.


2011 B.A. Sociology & History Queens College CUNY


  • Comprehensive Exam (in process) "Disaggregating the Latina Homogenized Identity: Structural Effects on the Latina Education Experience"
  • Sociology Thesis, 2011 (Queens College CUNY) "Why Can't We All Just Get Along: A Study of Latino Conflict in New York City"


TA Experience

SOCIOL 222 Sociology of the Family, Fall 2012

SOCIOL 106 Race, Class, Gender & Ethnicity, Spring 2012

SOCIOL 110 Introduction to Sociology, Fall 2011

SOCIOL 220 Sociology of Amercian Culture, Fall 2011

SOC 212 Sociological Analysis, Fall 2010 (Queens College)


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