University of Massachusetts Amherst

Department of Sociology



Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Sociology is primarily a doctoral program. All students entering the program with a Bachelor's degree complete the requirements for the M.A. degree en route to the Ph.D. degree. Persons entering with an Master's degree may be required to take additional courses and/or other training if their training and course work do not correspond to the requirements for the Master's degree in this department.

Graduate work in the department prepares students for careers in college or university teaching, social research, or public service. To accomplish this goal, the program is centered on two tasks: 1) the Comprehensive Examination which tests candidates for mastery of substantive subfields of Sociology and competency in scholarship and research, and 2) the Ph.D. dissertation, an original contribution to scholarship and research. Students must also fulfill the general requirements of the Graduate School.


Department of Sociology • Thompson Hall • University of Massachusetts–Amherst, MA 01003