University of Massachusetts Amherst

Department of Sociology




Paul Attewell Paul Attewell Visiting Professor
W36B Machmer 545-2893
Higher education; Quantitative methodology; Data mining; Big Data
Steven Boutcher Steven Boutcher Assistant Professor
702 Thompson 545-3622
Social Movements and Collective Action; Law and Society; Sociology of the Legal Profession; Organizations and Institutions; Globalization
Enobong Hannah Branch Enobong Hannah Branch Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director
736 Thompson 545-4069
Race, Racism, and Inequality; Intersectional Theory; Work and Occupations; Historical Demography; Evaluation and Applied Research
Michelle Budig Michelle Budig Professor, Chair of the Department
W33C/D Machmer 545-5972
Gender Inequality in Labor Markets; Work and Family Conflict; Feminist Theory; Contingent Labor and Self-Employment; Quantitative Methods
Dan Clawson Dan Clawson Professor
W36C Machmer 545-5974
Labor Movements; Work Hours and Schedules; Corporatization of the University; Health Care; Social Movements
David Cort David Cort Associate Professor
W37A Machmer 545-1041
Immigration; Social Stratification; Social Demography; Quantitative Methods; Race/Ethnicity
Naomi Gerstel Naomi Gerstel Distinguished University Professor
W31A/B Machmer 545-5976
Family; Families and Work; Gender; Carework; Race and Care
Christin Glodek Christin Glodek Lecturer, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
720 Thompson 545-4056
Public Policy; Human Rights; International Policy
Sanjiv Gupta Sanjiv Gupta Associate Professor
W36D Machmer 577-1773
Time Use; Climate Change; Gender; Family
Clare Hammonds Clare Hammonds Lecturer
608 Thompson 545-6166
Labor and Labor Movements; Care Work; Gender, Race & Class; Social Movements; Qualitative Methods
Janice Irvine Janice Irvine Professor
714 Thompson 545-2926
Culture; Sexuality Studies
Tom Juravich Tom Juravich Professor
634 Thompson 545-5986
Labor Movements; Work and the Labor Process; Ethnographic Research; Strategic Corporate Research and Campaigns; Immigration; Working Class and Union Culture
Moon-Kie Jung Moon-Kie Jung Professor
534 Thompson 545-4976
Comparative Racial Formations; Migration; Labor; Historical Sociology; U.S. Empire; Political Sociology; Asian American Studies
Jasmine Kerrissey Jasmine Kerrissey Assistant Professor
602 Thompson 545-4065
Labor Movements, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, the Sociology of Work, Political Sociology, Gender
James Kitts James A. Kitts Associate Professor
W36B Machmer 545-3418
Social Networks; Social Movements; Social Psychology; Organizations; Computational Social Science; Demography and Ecology; Medical Sociology
Agustin Lao-Montes Agustin Lao-Montes Associate Professor
514 Thompson 545-2769
Historical Sociology; Globalization; Political Sociology; Sociology of Race & Ethnicity; Social Identities & Inequalities; Urban Sociology; African Diaspora & Latino Studies; Sociology of Culture & Cultural Studies
C.N. Le C.N. Le Senior Lecturer
508 Thompson 545-4074
Race & Ethnicity; Immigration; Asian American Studies; Structural & Socioeconomic Measures of Assimilation; Interracial Marriage; Immigrant Self-Employment
Jennifer Lundquist Jennifer Lundquist Associate Professor
W35 Machmer 545-5977
Social Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Gender; Family; Health Disparities; Military
Noa Milman Noa Milman Visiting Assistant Professor
706 Thompson 545-0443
Social Movements; Welfare Riots; Media Analysis; Motherhood; Diffusion of Economic Discourses
Joya Misra Joya Misra Professor
W33E Machmer 545-5969
Comparative Political Economy; Race/Gender/Class; Welfare States; Methods & Statistics
Anthony Paik Anthony Paik Associate Professor
Machmer W34 545-3417
Social Networks, Organizations, Economic Sociology, Social Demography, Sexuality.
Fareen Parvez Fareen Parvez Assistant Professor
728 Thompson 545-5920
Political Sociology; Social Theory; Gender; Racial Institutions; Development and Globalization; Ethnography; Sociology of Religion.
Wenona Rymond-Richmond Wenona Rymond-Richmond Associate Professor
730 Thompson 545-3547
Crime, Law, & Deviance; Criminology; Genocide; Inequality; Communities & Crime; Racial & Ethnic Violence; Urban Sociology; Qualitative Methodology
Amy Schalet Amy Schalet Associate Professor
616 Thompson 545-5008
Sociology of Culture, Sexuality and Gender, Reproductive Health, Qualitative Methods, Political and Public Sociology.
Laurel Smith-Doerr Laurel Smith-Doerr Professor, Director of ISSR
W35A/B Machmer 545-5981
Science/Technology Studies, Sociology of Gender, Organizations, Social Networks
Richard Tessler Richard Tessler Professor
W36A Machmer 545-5980
Mental Health, Medical and Social Psychology, Family Burden, Continuity of Care and the Recognition of Depression
Millie Thayer Millie Thayer Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
524 Thompson 545-3577
Social Movements; Gender; Politics of “Development;” Latin America; Transnational Feminisms; Qualitative Methods
Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey Barbara Tomaskovic-Devey Senior Lecturer, Honors Coordinator
622 Thompson 545-1763
Gender; The Social Construction of Childhood; The Social Construction of Love; Marriage and Family; Culture
Don Tomaskovic-Devey Don Tomaskovic-Devey Professor
W31C Machmer 545-4070
Organizations and Inequality; Economic Sociology; Sex, Race and Class Processes; Methodology
Stellan Vinthagen Stellan Vinthagen Professor, Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Action & Civil Resistance
506 Thompson 545-4072
Resistance; Power; Social Movements; Nonviolent Action; Social Change
Eve Weinbaum Eve Weinbaum Associate Professor, Director of the Labor Center
606 Thompson 577-0458
Labor Movements; Union and Community Organizing; Social Movements; Labor and Globalization; Women and Work; Work and Family Policy
Melissa Wooten Melissa Wooten Assistant Professor
624 Thompson 545-4071
Organizations; Social Movements; Education
Jonathan Wynn Jonathan Wynn Assistant Professor
726 Thompson 545-4073
Urban and Cultural Sociology

Emeritus Faculty

Al Chevan
Roland Chilton
N.J. Demerath
Edwin Driver
Robert Faulkner
Gene Fisher
Anthony Harris
Lewis Killian
John Hewitt
Christopher Hurn
Michael Lewis
Surinder Mehta
Suzanne Model
Jon Simpson
Randall Stokes
Robert Zussman

Adjunct Faculty

Lynette Bloise, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W., University Health Services
Robert Garvey, Criminal Justice Internship Coordinator, Thompson 732

Affiliated Faculty

Miliann Kang, Associate Professor, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Sujani Reddy, Five College Assistant Professor, Asian Pacific American Studies, Amherst College


Department of Sociology • Thompson Hall • University of Massachusetts–Amherst, MA 01003