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Jennifer Hickes Lundquist

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Interests

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Social stratification, race and ethnicity, gender, family, health disparities, military

Selected Publications

  • Joya Misra, Jennifer Lundquist and Abby Templer (graduate student). 2012. "Work-Time, Housework, Carework, and Work-Life Balance: An Assessment of Faculty at the University of Massachusetts." Forthcoming 2012, Sociological Forum.
  • Burland, Daniel (graduate student) and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2011. "Evidence for the "Two Armies" Hypothesis? Data from the 1999 Survey of Active Duty Personnel." Journal of Armed Forces and Society.
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes, Michelle J. Budig and Anna Curtis (graduate student). 2009. "Race and Childlessness in America: Similarities in Trends and Pathways to Childlessness among Black and White Women, 1988-2002." Journal of Marriage and the Family. 71:(3)741-55.
    (Interviewed about article on National Public Radio (NPR 88.5).)
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes. "Reevaluating Ethnic and Gender Satisfaction Differences: The Effect of a Meritocratic Institution." American Sociological Review 73(3):2008.
    (Premiered on the front ASA webpage and covered in Newsweek and the Standford Social Innovation Review.)
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes. 2007. "A Comparison of Societal Divorce Rates to those of Enlisted Families." Journal of Political and Military Sociology 35(2):2007.
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes. 2006. "The Black-White Gap in Marital Dissolution Among Young Adults: What Can A Counterfactual Scenario Tell Us?" Social Problems 53(3):421-41.
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes and Herbert Smith. 2005. "Family Formation in the U.S. Military: Evidence from the NLSY." Journal of Marriage and the Family 67:1-13.
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes and Douglas Massey. 2005. "Politics or Economics? International Migration during the Nicaraguan Contra War." Journal of Latin American Studies 37:1-25.
  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes. 2004. "When Race Makes No Difference: Marriage and the Military." Social Forces 83(2):1-28.


  • Yaukey, David, Douglas L. Anderton, and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. Demography: The Study of Human Population, 3rd Edition. Waveland Press, Chicago: IL, forthcoming 2006 (3rd Printing).

Book Chapters

  • Gager, Constance, Jacqueline C. Pflieger and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. Forthcoming. "To Work or Not to Work? The Role of Poverty, Race/Ethnicity, and Regional Location in Youth Employment" in Children and Poverty Today, D. Maume & B. Arrighi eds., Praeger Press 2007.

Book Reviews

  • Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes. "Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice, Oxford International Press (2006) by Rosanna Hertz," forthcoming in October issue of Contexts.


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