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Jennifer Hickes Lundquist

Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Lundquist is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Development in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. A sociologist and demographer, she examines how racial, ethnic and gender inequalities are perpetuated and sometimes undone in various institutional settings, such as the workplace, the dating/marriage market and in families. Her major areas of scholarship include analyzing online dating behavior to better understand how interracial interaction contributes to continued racial hierarchies; taking advantage of unique social continuities in the U.S. military that provide insight into what drives racial disparities in health, family formation behaviors and other outcomes in larger society; tracing the development and impact on the American welfare system of the U.S. prison and military system “submerged states”; and tracing how institutions and their policies impact the changing American life course in the post-industrial economy.

She has published her work in the top flagship journals of her discipline, received NSF, NICHD, Alexander Humboldt and Mellon foundation funding, and her research has been covered by the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, the Washington Post, and National Public Radio among other outlets.  As Associate Dean she specializes in faculty research, career advancement and tenure/promotion support programming. She has published peer-reviewed research in faculty development and is a columnist on issues faced by midcareer and senior faculty at Inside Higher Education.  From 2010-2013, she founded and directed the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR), an interdisciplinary center that supports grant writing and research methodology for faculty and graduate students across the college.

Education and Interests

Joint Ph.D., Sociology and Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Social stratification, race and ethnicity, gender, family, health disparities, military

Selected Publications

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Celeste Curington, Ken-Hou Lin and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2015. “Positioning Multiraciality in Cyberspace: Treatment of Online Daters in an Online Dating Site.” American Sociological Review.
(Featured in the Washington Post and MarketWatch)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist and Ken-Hou Lin. 2015. “Is Love (Color) Blind? The Economy of Race among Gay & Straight Daters.” Social Forces 1-27. [download]
(Featured on Insight One Current Affairs TV Talkshow)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist and Zhun Xu. 2014. “Reinstitutionalizing the Family: Lifecourse Policy and Marriage in the Military.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 76: 1063-1081. [download]
(Featured on National Public Radio WGBY.)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Zhun Xu, Wanda Barfield and Irma Elo. 2014. “Ethnic Differentials in Breastfeeding Practices: The Effect of Military Affiliation.” Maternal and Child Health. [download]

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Wanda Barfield, Zhun Xu and Irma Elo. 2013. “Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality: A Protective Effect of the Military?” Race and Social Problems 1-20. [download]

Ken-Hou Lin and Jennifer Lundquist. 2013. “Mate Selection in Cyberspace: the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Education.” American Journal of Sociology 118 (6). [download]
Featured in USA Today and Australian Talkshow. Figures reprinted in Race in America textbook by Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer.)

Jennifer Lundquist, Joya Misra and KerryAnn O’Meara. 2013. “Parental Leave Usage by Fathers and Mothers at an American University.” Fathering: A Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice about Men as Fathers 10 (3). [download]
(Featured on National Public Radio WGBY and in Inside Higher Education.)

Randy Barrios and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2012. “Boys just want to have fun? Sexual Behaviors and Romantic Intentions of Gay and Straight Males in College.” Journal of LGBT Youth 29: 271-296. [download]

Joya Misra, Jennifer Lundquist and Abby Templer. 2012. “Gender, Work-Time and Care Responsibilities Among Faculty.” Sociological Forum 27: 300-323. [download]
(Featured in Inside Higher Education.)

Daniel Burland and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2011. “The Dynamic Lives and Static Institutions of the “Two Armies”: Data from the 1999 Survey of Active Duty Personnel.” Journal of Armed Forces and Society 1-24. [download]

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Michelle J. Budig and Anna Curtis. 2009. “Race and Childlessness in America: Similarities in Trends and Pathways to Childlessness among Black and White Women, 1988-2002” Journal of Marriage and the Family 71:(3) 741-55. [download]
(Featured on National Public Radio WGBY and quoted in Time Magazine.)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2008. “Reevaluating Ethnic and Gender Satisfaction Differences: The Effect of a Meritocratic Institution.” American Sociological Review 73 (3): 477-96. [download]
(Covered in Newsweek, the Society Pages blog, Stanford Social Innovation Review, NYTimes Economix blog and Washington Post blog.)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2007. “A Comparison of Societal Divorce Rates to those of Enlisted Families.” Journal of Political and Military Sociology. 35 (2). [download]

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2006. “The Black-White Gap in Marital Dissolution Among Young Adults: What Can A Counterfactual Scenario Tell Us?” Social Problems 53 (3): 421-41. [download]

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist and Douglas Massey. 2005. “Politics or Economics? International Migration during the Nicaraguan Contra War” Journal of Latin American Studies 37: 1-25. [download]
(Highlighted in Contexts’ “New and Noteworthy Social Research” section)

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist and Herbert Smith. 2005. “Family Formation in the U.S. Military: Evidence from the NLSY.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 67: 1-13. [download]

Jennifer Hickes Lundquist. 2004. “When Race Makes No Difference: Marriage and the Military.” Social Forces 83 (2): 1-28. [download]
(Highlighted in Contexts’ “New and Noteworthy Social Research” section; reprinted in Military Sociology edited by David Segal ad James Burke, Sage Publications, 2011)


Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Douglas L. Anderton and David Yaukey. 2015. Demography: The Study of Human Population 4th Edition. Waveland Press: Chicago. [link] [website]


Jennifer Lundquist and Joya Misra. 2015. “Of Marriage and Short Term Flings: The University and its Faculty.” Inside Higher Ed. [forthcoming]

Jennifer Lundquist and Joya Misra. 2015. “The Clogged Pipeline.” Inside Higher Ed.

Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist. 2015. “Diversity and the Ivory Ceiling.” Inside Higher Ed. [link]

Joya Misra and Jennifer Lundquist. 2015. “Midcareer Melancholy.” Inside Higher Ed. [link]

Anna Curtis, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Abby Templer, and Joya Misra. 2013. “Eaten by Email.” Academe: October issue. [download]

Joya Misra, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Elissa Holmes and Stephanie Agiomavriti. 2011. “The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work.” Academe 97(1): 22-6. [download]
(Featured in Inside Higher Education and in Tomorrow’s Professor Newsletter.)


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